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Update June 22 2020
Hello yourtube users
I am sorry to announce but at this stage Yourtube is no longer in a position to be able to continue. Over the week-end testing was undertaken to see what the issue was that has been plaguing this application over the last couple of weeks. YouTube / Google appear to have made a change to their policy and quotas for applications that talk to their servers, and this has dramatically reduced the allowed queries per day. We checked to see that there were no automatic bots causing issues, or that users were over using, and have proved the issue lies with the new low queries per day allowed. With things as they are only 50 searches a day can be undertaken, well short of what the demand has been even at the lowest useage levels of the system, and as such we are no longer able to operate.
I have made some attempts to contact YouTube / google, but this is a very slow and cumbersome process, and I am not holding out hope at this time.

If YouTube and or Google can see to increasing the very basic quota levels We would be more than happy to turn the system back on, and if that happens we will do so. Until then, thanks all very much, we hope you have found the service of use and though YouTube itself is not as simple or clean, can now be used with a screen reader with a little practice. Your local blind society may be able to help in showing you how to do this
We will let the community know if the service reopens.
Darryl and Dylan