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  1. Earthling's a documentary for girlie men by girlie men.

    Duration: 10:04
    Description: Normally I don't forward Lib tard documentaries but it does video the worst of the...
  2. What Other Types of Prepping is There?

    Duration: 16:24
    Description: What prepping video's have I not done? ... Don't forget your emergency supplies... at the Ready...
  3. Beta Biothane from Two Horse Tack

    Duration: 8:07
    Description: Light use only material rating for Two Horse Tack Beta Biothane, (there are higher strength...
  4. Best Economic Documentary I have Watched " FOUR HORSEMEN "

    Duration: 98:54
    Description: FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how...
  5. Questions for the Black Community in Ferguson Missouri

    Duration: 2:45
    Description: Have you ever noticed in government publications that the white man is more feared by...
  6. NYC Carriage Horse Abuse & ASPCA Crap

    Duration: 14:10
    Description: Today after my horse cart accident I decided to search YouTube for answers about horses...
  7. I Survived Another Hey Y'all Watch This Moment!

    Duration: 2:40
    Description: Although Cleo did not fare so well, she tore up her leg fairly badly and...
  8. Little Mikie was Neather Little nor Unarmed

    Duration: 6:58
    Description: The original headline read as follows (Michael Brown was on his way to his grandmother’s...
  9. Cleo is already herding other horses after her third ride

    Duration: 4:27
    Description: Cleo is already herding other horses after her third ride. This just demonstrates how much...
  10. Judging Books by Their Covers,

    Duration: 16:11
    Description: I have recently been reading several blogs about me. They all have one universal criticism,...
  11. Segway Killer

    Duration: 1:49
    Description: So you think Segway invented the two wheeled human transporter? I have news for you,...
  12. Re-Elect Governor Bill Haslam if your a IDIOT!!!

    Duration: 2:46
    Description: Times Like this I Love making I told you so videos LOL..... Write in David...
  13. Prepper Report Returning ??? june 25 2014

    Duration: 15:21
    Description: GO FUND ME LINK ... Don't forget your emergency supplies... at the Ready Store Best...
  14. United States About to Lose Two More Wars to ISIS

    Duration: 9:39
    Description: Isis is presently arming their shelves with all the equipment we left behind for the...
  15. HOT TIP for FBI

    Duration: 1:31
    Description: Description...
  16. FBI Officially Begins Rounding up Doomsday Preppers

    Duration: 5:05
    Description: DescriptionIt seems like the FBI is going to began a sweep of the country at...

    Duration: 8:12
    Description: DescriptionMaybe we should bring back the Roman Colosseum! Americans especially the American government loves to...
  18. Romican The New Hillbilly Word for the Day

    Duration: 4:40
    Description: Romican's formerly known as American's are heading down the same path of destruction as the...
  19. The Dupumentary Phenomenon

    Duration: 7:04
    Description: That's right I have come up with a new term for the Webster dictionary called...
  20. Predictions for the near future

    Duration: 138:01
    Description: Predictions for the near future...

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