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  1. The Sun Almost Wiped out Modern Civilization Yesterday

    Duration: 2:40
    Description: On February 21, 2015 our star/Sun released a CME the size of a Carrington event....
  2. America's Glass Jaw

    Duration: 13:31
    Description: Every time there's any disaster in a localized area like a big city and the...
  3. Cell Phone Manufacturers Murder Millions !

    Duration: 5:59
    Description: I am using the term murder, simply because with today's technology it would be a...
  4. How the United States Used Cartons to Bankrupt a Country

    Duration: 11:48
    Description: After watching a few episodes of the FX channel TV show the Americans (not child...
  5. Nazi Uniforms Needed in Tennessee

    Duration: 4:03
    Description: Tennessee has been moving closer and closer to the police state resembling Nazi Germany in...
  6. American Sniper, I finally watched the movie.

    Duration: 4:38
    Description: The only thing I can figure the Lib tard crowd has a problem with is...
  7. Are you anti-Semitic?

    Duration: 14:34
    Description: If you are Christian according to the Wikipedia you are anti-Semitic in fact if you...
  8. Yellowstone on alert again?

    Duration: 8:02
    Description: Well a news crew in Wyoming got a park ranger to say that he did...
  9. Brian Sarti Purgers Himself Live on Video

    Duration: 2:37
    Description: this is a video I thought I should put up for the public to show...
  10. Better Than Salt for Personal Use.

    Duration: 2:03
    Description: In stressful situations where you are perspiring heavily salt is not the only mineral you...
  11. Japan Bust's US Auto Manufacturers Balls Again

    Duration: 1:42
    Description: this is a vehicle US automaker factors should have been producing 20 years ago....
  12. Tribulations Begin 28 September 2015.

    Duration: 16:49
    Description: Of course they could have begun on 15 April 2014 for the first blood Moon,...
  13. Judge Napolitano Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch Forgotten Episode

    Duration: 5:31
    Description: Judge Napolitano Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch 14 Feb 12...
  14. The Harlot's Wine

    Duration: 9:18
    Description: In revelations there has been much discussion on who is the harlot. We can probably...
  15. The War on Drugs Government Propaganda

    Duration: 11:51
    Description: 12 years after decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal they have found it made no...
  16. 322.5 million Slaves in the United States Today

    Duration: 13:31
    Description: Anyone who thinks slavery does not exist in the United States today should look up...
  17. Why Do Some People Even Bother Going to Church?

    Duration: 8:30
    Description: People go to church every Sunday but come election day they vote for the Democratic...
  18. "Just in Case Video" Drug Laws are more deadly than the drugs !!!

    Duration: 7:37
    Description: Feel free to copy this video just in case I am killed. Recently I made...
  19. ( Definition of a fool ) See Hillary Clinton

    Duration: 3:33
    Description: You will not believe what comes out of the mouth of the woman that wishes...
  20. Should Driving Be a Right Instead of a Privilege?

    Duration: 9:47
    Description: In 1999, the 9th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, in the case of...

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