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    Duration: 3:56
  2. BS ALERT California Implements Statewide Ban On All .45 ACP Ammunition FAKE REPORT

    Duration: 3:54
    Description: The news article stating that California Implements Statewide Ban On All .45 ACP Ammunition, points...
  3. Pros and cons Marijuana

    Duration: 165:26
  4. Deadly Weed

    Duration: 12:39
    Description: This is a deadly plant is growing in backyards and fields right next to your...
  5. What do the People Think? H.R. 1013 THE REGULATE MARIJUANA LIKE ALCOHOL ACT

    Duration: 6:44
    Description: This bill does not legalize marijuana, it only leaves the decision up to the states...
  6. Facts about the Blood Moon Tetrads on Jewish Feast Days PLUS Shemitah Years.

    Duration: 10:19
    Description: There has been a lot of talk about the Shemitah and there has been a...
  7. The Time of the Gentiles Has Reached Fulfillment.

    Duration: 8:00
    Description: Perhaps we are paying too much attention to the book of revelations and should pay...
  8. US and Russia Playing Nuclear Chess Again?

    Duration: 7:04
    Description: Well here we go, the Cold War is back. The DEFCON on system is a...
  9. Tennessee Governments Addiction to Drugs.

    Duration: 14:49
    Description: Looking at the numbers and the laws in the state of Tennessee, you'll find clear...
  10. The Real Gateway Drug

    Duration: 13:41
    Description: The real gateway drug in society is lies we tell our children. You may ask...
  11. The Google Beast

    Duration: 6:58
    Description: When you download Google Chrome on your laptop, the settings are automatically set to track...
  12. The False Economic Recovery and The Beast May Not Be What You Think.

    Duration: 7:03
    Description: Just looking over the news today and noticed the stock market fell a couple of...
  13. The Sun Almost Wiped out Modern Civilization Yesterday

    Duration: 2:40
    Description: On February 21, 2015 our star/Sun released a CME the size of a Carrington event....
  14. America's Glass Jaw

    Duration: 13:31
    Description: Every time there's any disaster in a localized area like a big city and the...
  15. Cell Phone Manufacturers Murder Millions !

    Duration: 5:59
    Description: I am using the term murder, simply because with today's technology it would be a...
  16. How the United States Used Cartons to Bankrupt a Country

    Duration: 11:48
    Description: After watching a few episodes of the FX channel TV show the Americans (not child...
  17. Nazi Uniforms Needed in Tennessee

    Duration: 4:03
    Description: Tennessee has been moving closer and closer to the police state resembling Nazi Germany in...
  18. American Sniper, I finally watched the movie.

    Duration: 4:38
    Description: The only thing I can figure the Lib tard crowd has a problem with is...
  19. Are you anti-Semitic?

    Duration: 14:34
    Description: If you are Christian according to the Wikipedia you are anti-Semitic in fact if you...
  20. Yellowstone on alert again?

    Duration: 8:02
    Description: Well a news crew in Wyoming got a park ranger to say that he did...

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