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  1. The 4 Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse on Jewish Holy Days

    Duration: 13:59
    Description: The 4 blood moons and solar eclipse on Jewish Holy Days could very well signify...
  2. The people's victory at the Bunday ranch over the BLM could be short-lived.

    Duration: 3:25
    Description: The Bureau of land management seems to have backed down from their attack on the...
  3. BLM Versus the Bunday Ranch (BLM hired guns)

    Duration: 8:04
    Description: Description Why is the Bureau of land management so concerned with Mister Bunday's cattle disturbing...
  4. The Water Is Back on Thanks to Anonymous Donor's

    Duration: 6:25
    Description: The water bill reconnection costs a lot more than I had anticipated and if I...
  5. Farm Aid Fundraser Project Ideas

    Duration: 10:17
    Description: So what would be a good series of videos to do both spring and fall...
  6. TEOTWAWKI or SHTF when will it happen and how and what to prep

    Duration: 167:24
    Description: TEOTWAWKI or SHTF when will it happen and how and what to prep...
  7. More Wilson CountyTennessee Coruption

    Duration: 3:52
    Description: being $29 overdue with your water bill gets even disabled people cut off from necessities...
  8. Wheelchair Horse Buggy (another dsarti1 redneck brainstorm).

    Duration: 9:37
    Description: What can I say when you're poor you have to make do with what you...
  9. Hey Y'all Watch This David Sarti Epic Fail Horse Accident

    Duration: 0:30
    Description: All of you dsarti1 haters should love this video of course his last words on...
  10. Ramen Noodle Horse and Dog Treats

    Duration: 3:27
    Description: Is there anything that will not eat ramen noodles ?...
  11. Prepper Alert March 1 2014

    Duration: 6:02
    Description: The United States government is about to restart the Cold War. Except this time we...
  12. Challenge to All US Automakers.

    Duration: 9:35
    Description: Can any of you possibly build a simple car? Is this beyond the American automakers...
  13. People Want Good Things Only As Long As Someone Else Does It

    Duration: 6:52
    Description: No matter whether it is Cat or dog rescue even horse rescue I have found...
  14. Do you remember the horse that was scared to death?

    Duration: 0:46
    Description: well here is goldie now 4 mo later notice she walks right by the tarp...
  15. Message to Stupid Men and Women That Wear Hats.

    Duration: 8:28
    Description: Wearing a hat gives you protection from the elements including rain and ultraviolet light however...
  16. Prayer Request for Brian Sarti, and the Reason I Cannot Go Visit My Dying Mother

    Duration: 23:16
    Description: As everyone knows from my video chat I wanted to do something good with the...
  17. Homesteading The Original Prepper Group ( real horsepower tools )

    Duration: 17:04
    Description: Some people call it off grid living or homesteading the only real way to do...
  18. Christmas After Chat, 4 more hours of intellectual stimulation.

    Duration: 240:01
    Description: Christmas After Chat, 4 more hours of intellectual stimulation....
  19. Christmas Day Live with David Sarti and Special Guest's Farm Animals

    Duration: 239:57
    Description: Christmas Day Live with David Sarti and Special Guest's Farm Animals Save A Horse (...
  20. Christmas EVE after Chat The Battle Horse

    Duration: 240:01
    Description: The Battle Horse / Tactical Horse gear...

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