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  1. December 25 was not Jesus/Yeshua's birthday.

    Duration: 6:26
    Description: With a little bit of detective work and the book that you probably have not...
  2. 322.5 million Slaves in the United States Today

    Duration: 13:31
    Description: Anyone who thinks slavery does not exist in the United States today should look up...
  3. Why Do Some People Even Bother Going to Church?

    Duration: 8:30
    Description: People go to church every Sunday but come election day they vote for the Democratic...
  4. "Just in Case Video" Drug Laws are more deadly than the drugs !!!

    Duration: 7:37
    Description: Feel free to copy this video just in case I am killed. Recently I made...
  5. ( Definition of a fool ) See Hillary Clinton

    Duration: 3:33
    Description: You will not believe what comes out of the mouth of the woman that wishes...
  6. Should Driving Be a Right Instead of a Privilege?

    Duration: 9:47
    Description: In 1999, the 9th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, in the case of...
  7. High Efficiency Appliances for Homestead's

    Duration: 2:54
    Description: ( ) If you are planning to build a Homestead and...
  8. Tribute To "Nunya"

    Duration: 163:06
    Description: Remembering "Nunya" Passed away a few days ago, a well known and loved hangout contributor...
  9. Another attemped suicide by horse

    Duration: 67:36
    Description: Fat guy attempts to get killed by horse 1 more time...
  10. Fox News Fair and Balanced My Butt !

    Duration: 4:57
    Description: Even though Fox news presents more of the news then you will hear on other...
  11. The Biggest Threat to the U.S. Is Barely Being Reported!

    Duration: 15:30
    Description: While the mainstream news media attempts to terrorize the American people with stories of Ebola...
  12. My Top Rated Prepper Items

    Duration: 9:15
    Description: That link will bring you to a list of items that I have found on...
  13. Pretty Preppers

    Duration: 11:24
    Description: Just because someone making an instructional video, dresses nicely and is well groomed does not...
  14. The American Director of the KGB/Gestapo

    Duration: 5:03
    Description: People think I am crazy for wanting to be president for a day! This is...
  15. Redneck Idea to Save BILLIONS in Energy Costs

    Duration: 7:51
    Description: The addition of programmable thermostats on smaller room heaters and air conditioners could save the...
  16. Thank You for the Free Food

    Duration: 8:43
    Description: Thank you for my freeze-dried food... This video is not only a thank you but...
  17. Eating Expired Foods, Tuna Fish Five Years Past Expiration.

    Duration: 7:36
    Description: I found a mylar package of tuna fish act in sunflower oil in a old...
  18. Leather Maintenance, When to Oil Your Boots

    Duration: 2:35
    Description: When you start to see dry patches on your leather products that is a good...
  19. Sex Jihad Responce to :Wild Bill for America

    Duration: 4:39
    Description: I just watched a video put out by wild bill for America, and confirm the...
  20. A Huge Solar EMP is About to Hit and All I Have is $20 !!!

    Duration: 2:20
    Description: If you knew there was a Carrington event sized solar flare headed toward Earth and...

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