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  1. The American Director of the KGB/Gestapo

    Duration: 5:03
    Description: People think I am crazy for wanting to be president for a day! This is...
  2. Redneck Idea to Save BILLIONS in Energy Costs

    Duration: 7:51
    Description: The addition of programmable thermostats on smaller room heaters and air conditioners could save the...
  3. Thank You for the Free Food

    Duration: 8:43
    Description: Thank you for my freeze-dried food... This video is not only a thank you but...
  4. Eating Expired Foods, Tuna Fish Five Years Past Expiration.

    Duration: 7:36
    Description: I found a mylar package of tuna fish act in sunflower oil in a old...
  5. Leather Maintenance, When to Oil Your Boots

    Duration: 2:35
    Description: When you start to see dry patches on your leather products that is a good...
  6. Sex Jihad Responce to :Wild Bill for America

    Duration: 4:39
    Description: I just watched a video put out by wild bill for America, and confirm the...
  7. A Huge Solar EMP is About to Hit and All I Have is $20 !!!

    Duration: 2:20
    Description: If you knew there was a Carrington event sized solar flare headed toward Earth and...
  8. Shemitah, Blood Moon's, Looking Back October 15, 2014.

    Duration: 12:38
    Description: Now that it has been a few weeks past the beginning of the Shemitah, and...
  9. Charter Cable, Data Mining there Customers !

    Duration: 4:25
    Description: If ANY cable company sends you a message like this. Saying you need a special...
  10. EBOLA or ANY other Infectious Epidemic PLUS Protection and Decontamination Advice

    Duration: 18:09
    Description: Transmission of Ebola occurs through direct contact with an infected person or his or her...
  11. 2014 – 2015 Dangerous Times for the United States

    Duration: 19:08
    Description: Any one indicator pointing toward SHTF would be nothing more than business as usual. That...
  12. BIBLE CHAT ( by request) 8PM Central The coming year in Prophecy

    Duration: 91:02
    Description: BIBLE CHAT 8PM Central The coming year in Prophecy, Will the current debt, wars and...
  13. SHTF Hitting the Fan Now

    Duration: 6:02
    Description: So it begins, the Jewish new year begins on a seven year Sabbath and will...
  14. Earthling's a documentary for girlie men by girlie men.

    Duration: 10:04
    Description: Normally I don't forward Lib tard documentaries but it does video the worst of the...
  15. What Other Types of Prepping is There?

    Duration: 16:24
    Description: What prepping video's have I not done? ... Don't forget your emergency supplies... at the Ready...
  16. Beta Biothane from Two Horse Tack

    Duration: 8:07
    Description: Light use only material rating for Two Horse Tack Beta Biothane, (there are higher strength...
  17. Best Economic Documentary I have Watched " FOUR HORSEMEN "

    Duration: 98:54
    Description: FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how...
  18. Questions for the Black Community in Ferguson Missouri

    Duration: 2:45
    Description: Have you ever noticed in government publications that the white man is more feared by...
  19. NYC Carriage Horse Abuse & ASPCA Crap

    Duration: 14:10
    Description: Today after my horse cart accident I decided to search YouTube for answers about horses...
  20. I Survived Another Hey Y'all Watch This Moment!

    Duration: 2:40
    Description: Although Cleo did not fare so well, she tore up her leg fairly badly and...

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