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  1. Sunset Rock in Rio: Luis Represas

    Duration: 0:54
    Description: O músico sobre as expectativas para a actuação no Sunset Rock in Rio....
  2. Sunset Rock in Rio: Lucia Moniz

    Duration: 0:36
    Description: A cantora sobre as expectativas para a actuação no Sunset Rock in Rio....
  3. Manual de boas práticas para a Cidade do Rock

    Duration: 1:32
    Description: O manual de boas práticas para Cidade do Rock foi hoje apresentado junto das entidades...
  4. CP ir de comboio.flv

    Duration: 0:53
  5. John Mayer - Rock in Rio 2013 Full

    Duration: 76:57
    Description: Performance Rock in Rio 2013....
  6. Maroon 5 - Rock in Rio 2011 HD [FULL SHOW]

    Duration: 65:56
    Description: Maroon 5 Live at Rock in Rio 2011 SETLIST: Moves Like Jagger 0:39 Harder to Breathe 4:15 Sunday Morning...
  7. Slipknot - Rock In Rio 2011 Full Show HD (Show Completo)

    Duration: 78:19
    Description: O Slipknot foi uma das bandas mais esperadas do Rock in Rio 2011. E quando...
  8. Festival Mares Vivas Soulbizness

    Duration: 5:01
  9. (HQ) Mariza canta Nirvana no Rock in Rio 2010 Lisboa !!! 21/05/10

    Duration: 6:15
    Description: A fadista Mariza a cantar...rock no rock in Rio 2010 Lisboa Música : Come as You...
  10. ZOEY JONES and SOULBIZNESS live @ ROCKIN RIO 2010 -sing it back verses room 108

    Duration: 10:43
    Description: ZOEY JONES and SOULBIZNESS live @ ROCKIN RIO 2010 -sing it back verses room 108....
  11. Soulbizness em Festival Marvilla dos Sabores

    Duration: 3:58
    Description: 19 de Junho de 2009- Festival Marvila dos Sabores...
  12. Elton John Rock in Rock In Rio Lisbon 2010

    Duration: 9:23
    Description: Here's a video of Elton John's perfomances at Rock In Rio Lisbon 2010. Please comment,...
  13. Soulbizness - Room 108

    Duration: 4:31
    Description: Room 108 do EP "Soulbizness - 2nd Shake"
  14. Elton John - Tiny Dancer ( Rock In Rio 2010 Lisboa ) 22/05/10

    Duration: 6:30
    Description: Concert in 22/05/10 in Lisbon,Portugal...
  15. Justin Timberlake Rock in Rio Lisboa 2014 COMPLETO

    Duration: 106:27
    Description: Justin Timberlake Rock in Rio 2014 Lisboa Completo Justin Timberlake Rock in Rio 2014 Lisbon Full A...
  16. Rodrigo (Soulbizness) e Zoey Jones no T0

    Duration: 3:56
    Description: Foram uma das duplas de hoje no Palco Sunset - Soulbizness e Zoey Jones! No...
  17. Soulbizness & Zoey Jones - Turn to Rainbows // Rock in Rio 2010

    Duration: 3:16
    Description: Soulbizness & Zoey Jones Rock in Rio 2010 Soulbizness - Turn to Rainbows - New...
  18. Coldplay - Rock in Rio 2011 COMPLETO HDTV _ 720p Brazil

    Duration: 82:25
    Description: Coldplay Live at Rock in Rio 2011 Brazil 720p...
  19. Elton John rock in Rio 2010 Dream Moments.wmv

    Duration: 7:37
    Description: Elton John in Rock in rio 2010...
  20. Mariza Rock in Rio 2010

    Duration: 6:47

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