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Title: Rust Repair Made Easy-Car Roof Replacement-Part 7-Using A Cutting Torch
Youtube URL:
Uploader: diyautoschool
Description: Used Tops Are New Tops! or 972-420-1293
Duration: 12 Minutes and 57 Seconds
Category: Autos
Rating: 4.9
Views: 9222


  • Author: Stumpy LawnmowerGuy
    Comment: Ol Stumpy made it home with the new leg. I forgot to ask them if we could paint it (G)
  • Author: cooksey187
    Comment: Christmas?......
  • Author: diyautoschool
    Comment: No this was done 1 year 9 months ago. And yes I have alot of video footage.
  • Author: Don Urquhart
    Comment: Hi Pete, just a daft question why did you reskin the roof? Thought it may have been easier to swap them out completely with the frame and all then graft the whole replacement onto the car to save you all the work removing the original and skin. Don
  • Author: cooksey187
    Comment: sorry thought it was a newish vid......just watched year latest vid...stop picking on poor swampy lol...have a nice day....cooksey(uk)
  • Author: David Philbrick
    Comment: So you did this 9 months ago? You must have one hell of a video library yet to upload Pete!!! Very good videos, I enjoy watching them!!! And it looks like you do excellent work as well.
  • Author: Matt Trotta
    Comment: What model air hammer are you using? Is it the 3050?
  • Author: diyautoschool
    Comment: yeah, Christmas 2010,, way back when in the good ole days...
  • Author: James Eggerth
    Comment: Can't wait to see you cutting the spot welds out with the Plasma Cutter.
  • Author: soloM81
    Comment: great stuff Pete in my case iam going to remove my roof skin on my 1964 impala just to sand blast the inner structure its rusty as hell and fix some pin holes on my roof and install install new roof gutters going to post videos soon of my work
  • Author: Stumpy LawnmowerGuy
    Comment: didn't some of the old time lead-Rs use a wooden paddle to apply and/or remove the lead?
  • Author: diyautoschool
    Comment: If your drip rail is removable it's better to take it off to do the repairs you need to do, then re-install it after your done.
  • Author: QQTrick1QQ
    Comment: Hey I was wonering why your friend Pete didn't graph the whole top in like a chop lower job?
  • Author: MotivativeThinking2
    Comment: What's the name of that angle grinder you're using?
  • Author: diyautoschool
    Comment: NO! With all the inner structure and the proper fitman of the front and back windshield and also lineing up the side windows/doors it's always much easier to reskin then to replace the whole roof assembly. The only time you replace the "WHOLE" thing is if it's a roll over or bad collision where the inner structure is ruined.
  • Author: robus737
    Comment: Great vid Pete , Thought I was in my garage listening to the air leak at first . Keep up the great work , im never to old to learn . Bob f/ny
  • Author: diyautoschool
    Comment: I don't know-it's the top of the line snap-on with the quick connect head....
  • Author: markawoodbridge
    Comment: thanks again Pete!!!! as always
  • Author: rodney pratt
    Comment: spelt patience wrong
  • Author: Quinn Adamarczuk
    Comment: I have to ask Pete, is there a reason why you don't chop the hole roof & R&R? Thanks .Quinn.
  • Author: Ion Racer
    Comment: You shoulda saved those drip rails and sold em steada bending em all to shit .....lotsa folks coulda used em!
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