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Video Information

Title: Minimost
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Thomas Cook
Description: Slide show of the Minimost XL home built hydroplane.
Duration: 1 Minutes and 16 Seconds
Category: Autos
Rating: 5.0
Views: 52497


  • Author: MrLatinobrothers
    Comment: @hhewmxp yes. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. have a look here ->
  • Author: Sam Sami
    Comment: Do you have a plan for this project? send to me
  • Author: Random Human
    Comment: I'm looking forward to starting, and then never finishing my next project.
  • Author: Thomas Cook
    Comment: @sihooligan Exterior 1/4 plywood from Lowe's 11/32 $18.91 for 4x8 sheet.
  • Author: SkyDyyye
    Comment: Comment removed
  • Author: The3Slimshady
    Comment: number 4000 to watch! yeeeha! awsome vid. !! want one too -.-
  • Author: The3Slimshady
    Comment: number 4000 to watch! yeeeha! awsom vid. !! want one too -.-
  • Author: Michael De Santa
    Comment: did you have plans for the boat
  • Author: sihooligan
    Comment: that looks awesome! what type of wood did you use to build it?
  • Author: Thomas Cook
    Comment: @SuperWinter11 its a trim to fit as you go.
  • Author: DisguisedComedy
    Comment: how much did this wood cost?
  • Author: Thomas Cook
    Comment: @laxguitar50 all the edges were glass taped and glassed over. I gave the wood a light coat with resin to seal the wood.
  • Author: petterpoojk
    Comment: made 1 and i build in pretty big "trimtabs" in the hull and it worked awsome
  • Author: laxguitar50
    Comment: did u fiber glass it?
  • Author: Thomas Cook
    Comment: You can build it...
  • Author: DisguisedComedy
    Comment: How much was all the wood?
  • Author: laxguitar50
    Comment: @tomcooker80 ok thank you ive been wanting to build a boat for a while and was wondering what the best way to seal it was thanks again very helpful!
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