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Title: Wu Bu Quan - 5 Step Form Shaolin Style
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Nick Fallon
Description: The Basic 5 Step form performed with in a Shaolin style. From my visit to the Nan Hai Kung Fu School in China last year. Performed by Mr Jun. See to train with them.
Duration: 0 Minutes and 25 Seconds
Category: Sports
Rating: 4.6363635
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  • Author: Brett Noble
    Comment: dude u went to nahai temple!! Im studying there atm when did ou go? Brett
  • Author: Matt Macedo
    Comment: wow he cuts through those stances like butter :D
  • Author: RoyalDragonusa
    Comment: @Augustus077 It's not based on Shaolin Kung Fu. It's based on Moslem Cha Fist, which is a village Long Fist style.
  • Author: Brett Noble
    Comment: who were u taught by? i spent six months ther on my own with cao yang
  • Author: arturconfituur
    Comment: see!I told ya. I study wushu, and this is one of the basic forms
  • Author: SpnKick540
    Comment: Wu Bu Quan is a general Wushu form. Many different styles of Wushu, including Shaolin, have modified it. So although this a stylized Shaolin derivative of Wu Bu, the form is not originated in Shaolin.
  • Author: Maxime Frechette
    Comment: don't go too fast =)
  • Author: NoSuRReNDeR001
    Comment: @RoyalDragonusa Are you on the KF magazine forum still? I sent you a friend request. I realize that perhaps my assumptions on this are incorrect although to me the form is missing something with the "Young person salutes Buddha, and dragon sits it meditations moves removed." Still a great beginner set regardless.
  • Author: fzeeshan
    Comment: Wu bu Quan with nice flavor. Good.
  • Author: RoyalDragonusa
    Comment: @NoSuRReNDeR001 The additional moves in the beginning part of the set were added by Shaolin.
  • Author: airforceallie
    Comment: yeah great job; you made something so simple look like it's advanced wushu.
  • Author: tachawmw
    Comment: i went last year
  • Author: masteringwushu
    Comment: nice rendition of WUBUQUAN, which is more a of a generic wushu basic form.
  • Author: RoyalDragonusa
    Comment: @NoSuRReNDeR001 Yes, I am still there. Shaolin just modified it so it better worked as a foundation drill for thier stuff. That's really all there is to it. Chafist and modern Whu Shu often leave bits out of it too. The set seems to be highly customizable depending on the schools needs.
  • Author: tkdmh
    Comment: i'm on wushu, but the way you do this isn't how we do it, now, why is that? is there different kind of wu bu quan? cause we do like you, exept we have i think one or two more moves than you! and we don't flip our arms around like that in the beginning and the end. I don't now how i'm supposed to describe this, but, as I said, not really the way you do it. Please answere if you know what I mean!
  • Author: Luigi Grimaldi
    Comment: 5 step form is a form of modern-shaolin style.
  • Author: maginotic
    Comment: close your mouth LOL
  • Author: arturconfituur
    Comment: this is not a shaolin move! its a wushu basic move...
  • Author: RoyalDragonusa
    Comment: @NoSuRReNDeR001 This is a Cha Fist set (Moslem Long Fist). It's not a Shaolin set. It is built by taking bits and pieces of Cha Fist 5ht road and recombining them into a basic foundational set. It' probably as old as the Cha Fist style. Shaolin took it into thier curriculem in the 1980's some time and added a few of thier own marks. It is by no means an original Shaolin set.
  • Author: Augustus077
    Comment: @tkdmh Because Wushu is not traditional, the modern curriculum was developed under the supervision of the government of the PRC. As it were, although based on Shaolin Gungfu, it was made more into a sport and so many elements were changed. And well, even within schools of the same style you do see differences... each Shifu o Shigung has a slightly different way of teaching certain forms.
  • Author: tkdmh
    Comment: @Augustus077 ahaaa... now i understand. haha, well, i like the way we do it though :)
  • Author: solger919
    Comment: wow, hes so fluid!! :O
  • Author: Xuanmen9
    Comment: It might depend, but Lian Huan Quan is another basic Shaolin form done at the beginner level.
  • Author: Faith
    Comment: niice.
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