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Title: Shafiq Mureed - Zindagi (HQ) NEW 2012
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Afghan
Description: Shafiq Mureed - Zindagi Artist: Shafiq Mureed Song: Zindagi Lyrics: Abdul S. Sadat Music: Ivan Shafiq Composer: Shafiq Mureed Cameraman: Syed Tanveer Riyaz Director: Mintoo (five rivers films) Special thanks to: Abdul S. Sadat & Ivan Shafiq Release Date: October 2012 For more Afghan Music visit
Duration: 4 Minutes and 32 Seconds
Category: Music
Rating: 4.6204033
Views: 330463


  • Author: Bakhtyar Mohammad
    Comment: very nice song
  • Author: shubumjeet rakhra
    Comment: Wow. Great Song Man.
  • Author: afg96
    Comment: I like Pashto songs too, but like I said in my very first comment. We Afghans shouldn't look up to Indians and Pakis. Because we are better than them!
  • Author: Murwarid Kainat
    Comment: jst wOwww <3
  • Author: Fmaryam Naseh
    Comment: so nice song I love it.
  • Author: Marina Shali
  • Author: Arzoo Irfani
    Comment: Mr shafiq good song but dont copy urdu songs,.....
  • Author: hussien nouri
    Comment: shafeeq mureed like you ;)
  • Author: Sabiree ahmed
    Comment: Nice song
  • Author: Aryan Musick
    Comment: attention ! guys watch Shafiq Mureed's new music video Mejoyam search on youtube Shafiq mureed mejoyam 
  • Author: Kasakee2
    Comment: Thanks for subtitles 
  • Author: meetra weeda
  • Author: Sahar Baher
    Comment: 💔💘 i don't know his voice is so different than others, it so unique and refreshing. 💓💓💓💓
  • Author: zabi r
  • Author: latef shafahi
    Comment: 😃
  • Author: Sikandar Nawaz
    Comment: my favourite pashto song
  • Author: Salman Afg
  • Author: Rabia Karim
    Comment: Very nice song 
  • Author: Haisha Hahsy
    Comment: my fav song listen to it at 3 times a day! lol u may think it's not true but it is. in a way i can ompare this of how i miss Afghanistan :( my true home sweet home.
  • Author: yogaqueen22
    Comment: @Haisha Hahsy - One day you will be able to return to Afghanistan, and it will be the most beautiful place on earth. Change is coming. (Inshallah). 
  • Author: yama g
  • Author: Jawid Amini
    Comment: Shafiq Mureed - Zindagi (HQ) NEW 2012:
  • Author: Arshad Khan
    Comment: Wow
  • Author: Lilian Britez
    Comment: My life without you is like sky without stars, my life without you is like book without letters! 
  • Author: thesrhpro
    Comment: Bekijk deze afspeellijst op YouTube: 
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