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Category: Howto
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  • Author: Ahmed Khalid
    Comment: Agar HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) ne kya aise tableeg ki thi Islam ki agar aise ki hoti(NAUZBILLAH) to aj koi bhi muslman na hota ye un ki taleemat or un ka bolne ka andaz aisa tha jaise baat dil mien utar rhi ho or ye jahil molvi qasai kahan se uth kar agya meri hansi nhi bnd ho rhi
  • Author: RealAhleSunnat
    Comment: kya ye andaz Sunnat hai aur kya ye Sunni kehlwany ka haq dar hai ?
  • Author: Faran Javed
    Comment: ye to marasi hai
  • Author: Sanaullah Shaan
    Comment: comidian hi hai .yeh tu.
  • Author: Roy Khan
    Comment: What kinda asshole he is...??? Who call him Muslim?
  • Author: AlterEgo495
    Comment: aih maolvi a ya kanjaran da i g
  • Author: prince pangit
    Comment: BRAIN WASHING
  • Author: adeel khalid
    Comment: I think just ye jahil . Es ne ks bt ko kaha fit kr dya hai. Es ko ilm ki kami hai
  • Author: jamal gota
    Comment: aj k dor main kya is sy bhee bara daramain baaz ho sakta hy???????????? agar ye actor mery paas ho to main din ka 1000 rupy kama sakta hoon majma lag kar
  • Author: homeprix
    Comment: UFF Khuda! ufff Awuzzbilla
  • Author: Umair Ahmed
    Comment: kyun un ho ne tere bhagai ha saleeeeeeeeeeeeeee kutte
  • Author: mrwaqy
    Comment: Lol My Molana was telling me to watch this, hahahahah
  • Author: palmisto2
    Comment: you are right....lekin yeh josh hay is ka wahabion k khilaf
  • Author: haseebhaider2050
    Comment: بڑھے جس سے نفرت وہ تقریر کرنی جگر جس سےشق ھو وہ تحریر کرنی گناہ گار بندوں کی تحقیر کرنی مسلمان بھائی کی تکقفیر کرنی ستوں چشم بددور ھیں آپ دیں کے نمونہ ھیں خلق رسول امیں کے
  • Author: mubasher1988
    Comment: hahaha sala mantal hay apnay ap ko sahi muslim kahta hay jo k is ki is takreer or shakal say nahi lagta sala mantal lagta hay toka haha
  • Author: azhar mehmood96
    Comment: mushrik hai bechara
  • Author: Daisy Mart
    Comment: hhhhhhhhh
  • Author: MrTalalhassan
    Comment: ye banda wahabiyo ko genuine takra ha.g o shera!
  • Author: yearning786
    Comment: aisy loog hoty hain jo kafiro ky agent hoty hain aur Islam ma tafarqa dalty hain
  • Author: PunjabiLads
    Comment: Main sadqe qurban mera sohna pakistan :-(
  • Author: Cyberpunk2k14
    Comment: BADNAAM LOG!
  • Author: CAF AL RAI
    Comment: actor
  • Author: muhammad shamim
    Comment: darapur jhelum
  • Author: majid farooq
    Comment: islam dyobndi aur barylve sy phly b tha
  • Author: md shoel mizi
    Comment: Jhoota admi Laanat ho aise insan pr Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat Laanat
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