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Title: Andoran: Prologue - Mittelspiel (An Elder Scrolls Story)
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Andoran
Description: English info: An article about Andoran on RPGitalia has taken an interview from our team: There'll be the English version of Andoran. Новый трейлер Andoran: Prologue - некоммерческой open-world RPG в сеттинге The Elder Scrolls. Если вам понравилось видео - покажите его друзьям и знакомым. Возможно, среди них найдется тот, кто сможет оказать посильную помощь проекту и Андоран станет еще лучше. Все зависит только от вас! Релиз Андорана планируется на вторую половину 2011 года. Подробности на сайте Композитор Артур Барышев (IK-Sound).
Duration: 3 Minutes and 2 Seconds
Category: Games
Rating: 4.9542937
Views: 528025


  • Author: Hizrigadji Aleskerov
    Comment: писаю кипятком =D музыка, существа, все класс!
  • Author: Symph Onicastrophy
    Comment: @TrancoTechnizer It's already happening, Andoran and MOBO already have the conversion tool and are in use. They are sharing members of there project, h t t p : / / m o r r o b l i v i o n . c o m / f o r u m s / m o r r o b l i v i o n - t o - s k y r i m / g e n e r a l / 2 3 2 9. So stop lying, 2nd leave SSJProjecter alone. глупый anti-social, red-neck <.< Btw no one said that TES-Construct set was diagnosticate.
  • Author: bood3e
    Comment: Will this ever come out?
  • Author: Slurrps
    Comment: Did this ever come out?
  • Author: Hugh G Rection
    Comment: What the fuck is Bethesda doing? YOU GUYS SHOULD BE MAKING THE NEXT ELDERSCROLLS!... After Andoran comes out, obviously.
  • Author: DemianTheGrey
    Comment: Это OST в первую очередь Морровинда, окей?
  • Author: olha2
    Comment: Thank you
  • Author: Willi
    Comment: Mittelspiel?! isn't it german?
  • Author: Egor Pristavka
    Comment: Это Ось, там и не такое можно увидеть. :)
  • Author: Xesthan
    Comment: The Russian version isn't even done. I read that the mod mod will be converted to Skyrim. I don't know if they already started doing that when they said that, so we're going to have to wait.
  • Author: Egor Pristavka
    Comment: Разработка не может быть жива по своей природе. Но она имеет место быть.
  • Author: Shepardrulit
    Comment: мод для скайрима
  • Author: Xesthan
    Comment: Thanks for the info. I haven't exactly been up to date on things.
  • Author: TheLaluciDaniel
    Comment: fix your quality problems youtube.. wtf are you doing... from all the fucking commercials you shove down our troats one would think you have the money to fix the damn 1080p quality problem!
  • Author: Zeidra Senester
    Comment: Just Woooooooowwwwww !!!!
  • Author: ATI AVS
    Comment: ate this Russian team makes this game
  • Author: Андрей Линдт
    Comment: ThIis Iiss SSkyyyrriiim!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Author: 3rdEye
    Comment: if it was english this would be legendary
  • Author: Дима Яковлев
    Comment: Сколько времени то уже прошло, игра выйдет нет?
  • Author: ATI AVS
    Comment: что съели это русская команда делает!!!!!
  • Author: ThePragamers
    Comment: hope
  • Author: tomislav grgić
    Comment: Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard that they moved this project from Oblivion to Skyrim. Too bad... I think that this mod would been a bigger overhaul for Oblivion then Skyrim.
  • Author: Gaëtan Pezet
    Comment: This, is , beautiful. Unbelievable !
  • Author: Thomas Verhagen
    Comment: You russians know how to mod, thats for sure ;)
  • Author: Shepardrulit
    Comment: That will be absolutely new game, but on skyrim engine. I think it will be finished in 2016~2017
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