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Title: Davina McCall Upskirt
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Halliwell1234
Description: None
Duration: 0 Minutes and 24 Seconds
Category: Entertainment
Rating: 4.5164833
Views: 199591


  • Author: Cyqnus Nitrate
    Comment: luv this
  • Author: nobertkerry
    Comment: If my wife was as lush as davina, she wldnt need to go 2d loo 1st thing in the morning. i'll dive under the duvet and drink her empty and lick her ass till she falls back asleep. i'll adore 4life.
  • Author: nobertkerry
    Comment: Anytime i see this video, i want to kneel in front of where davina is sat, and gently suck her bladder empty of her lemonade. then i will clean her entire crack and star with my tongue. will taste her thoroughly so that the rough of my tongue remembers her star for life.
  • Author: nobertkerry
    Comment: what a lucky bastard the man who married her. U better be running your tongue up those legs and thru her ass crack. man.
  • Author: Mike C
    Comment: The elusive white triangle!
  • Author: TheTEAMBUTLER
    Comment: she used to be a hooker
  • Author: danspivey91
    Comment: you cannot beat a full pair of legs, way better than overly skinny birds
  • Author: Broatch6
    Comment: lovely
  • Author: kauto star
    Comment: goddess
  • Author: tsxy1
    Comment: Loved it
  • Author: NylonDesires
    Comment: I'd have run my hands up that little skirt and fondled her sweet little white panties! Delicious!
  • Author: phluva
    Comment: wow! nice!
  • Author: danspivey91
    Comment: when he has her up against the wall, what a wasted oppertunity to smash it up her fucking amazing arse
  • Author: billionnaire1
    Comment: Great vid, wish she gave us upskirts now. i thought that guy was definitely going to lift up her skirt when he had her against the wall
  • Author: Disley74
    Comment: When was this?
  • Author: Cyqnus Nitrate
  • Author: skullboy1990
    Comment: @nobertkerry agreed but dont forget, he better also be eating her out and swallowing all her juices
  • Author: skullboy1990
    Comment: the video has been cut, i wanna see what happens next.
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