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Uploader: Regi chevalier
Description: This video, produced by Haiti Communication Group (HCG), features the city of Petion-Ville, Jerry Tardieu, (CEO of the Royal Oasis "FIve Star" Hotel). This is a colossal complex building project, right in the heart of an upcoming community. It was distributed to all the CARICOM countries.
Duration: 5 Minutes and 8 Seconds
Category: Travel
Rating: 4.773585
Views: 95177


  • Author: GmanZouk
    Comment: @cue3films Hello, I found your video of Petion-Ville on HAITI509 DOT COM (the new global haitian businesses website). This is a good sign. The world thinks that Haiti is the ugliest and worst place on earth. We have to prove them wrong. Haiti has beautiful places and a lot to offer in terms of art, food, products etc... We just need to get our act together and promote the positive things about Haiti. Not just go along with the international media and show only the bad things.
  • Author: dicksonjazzkompa23
    Comment: that guy who is explaining the video making me laugh by the way he talk
  • Author: Mike Jean
    Comment: haha fucked up
  • Author: mytube445
    Comment: Just Amazing... Great Job! I'll start saving my pennies because I will stay at Oasis even for a day.
  • Author: Lucky Mark
    Comment: This is nice
  • Author: Aloha
    Comment: wap pale broder min se kreyol ou ki pi bon
  • Author: noirrosa
    Comment: I understand the man completely. Everybody has an accent
  • Author: gilgabe66
    Comment: MY GOD......They could have found a better person to speak....This man has the worse English Accent I have ever heard......Please find someone who speaks English WELL AND CLEAR!
  • Author: gilgabe66
    Comment: We do understand his accent but since this is an infomercial meant to the international market, they might have considered someone who speaks English without this hard heavy accent. I have noticed that when it comes to advertising techniques Haitians are way behind the rest of the world even the Haitian businesses here in the States. As a future investor in Haiti, the last thing I will need is to limit the exposure of my business by hiring unprofessional people. Just my opinion!
  • Author: Caribidol2006
    Comment: @gilgabe66 stop hating he isn't even american are you dumb?!?!
  • Author: Alexi Jonah
    Comment: Still a lot of construction needed.
  • Author: MrFrantz One-Man-Band
    Comment: LOL!
  • Author: ufoshop
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  • Author: Aloha
  • Author: LaManjeDelicieux
    Comment: @MegaFairandsquare At what drbos said. I was actually responding to him.
  • Author: jean jacque Dessaline
    Comment: :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Author: salvatore g Albertbazile
    Comment: @gilgabe66 SHU UP DOLLAR MENI MACDONAL
  • Author: jmmathelier
    Comment: Stop worrying about his accent. The main important thing is it time for haiti to come out of its ashes. I cant wait for this hotel to be built. I will be staying there. We need to get that counrty up and running like the other caribbean islands. As JPerry said in his song DEKOLE( I think I spell it right). Love Haiti !!!!!!!!!
  • Author: marie elsie
    Comment: i lived in many places in Haiti. one of them was Petionville. You ll be surprise to see the homes in those area. As you can see even the traffic is different. Yes there is life in Haiti.
  • Author: rdrago49
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  • Author: MegaFairandsquare
    Comment: A la pe' p egri se' ayisyen papa? Komanman! 
  • Author: Mireille Francois
  • Author: Adrienne Romelus
    Comment: Thank you i can see m'y homeland haiti petionville God bless all of you in i love u all
  • Author: lam holding
    Comment: What we see here is only the begining, next will be great policing in Petion ville and forget the rest of Port au Prince. You watch and you see in couple years. What happen in Petion Ville needs to be happened all over the country; not where the rich people reside only.
  • Author: lam holding
    Comment: The ideas here the multi millionaire take the business near their home; so they can move away from the insecurity areas in Port au Prince Haiti. Smart move by the rich.
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