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Title: Vollenhoven family in Bad Gastein
Youtube URL:
Uploader: OranjeWatcher
Description: Photoshoot with the Dutch Princess Margriet and her family. 13 January 2007, RTL Boulevard
Duration: 3 Minutes and 39 Seconds
Category: Entertainment
Rating: 5.0
Views: 9274


  • Author: piratesswoop
    Comment: I don't understand Dutch, but I LOVE this family! Magriet and Pieter are so adorable, a fine example of a successful marriage. Pieter is ALWAYS smiling, and they both seem to glow when they look at one another!
  • Author: DanishRoyalFan15
    Comment: what was lucas crying about?
  • Author: loljaneway
    Comment: ik vind de van vollenhovens zo leuk ze zijn normaal en heel erg spontaan ik vind ze leuker dan de familie van beatrix
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