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Title: Walking in Hobble Skirt and High Heels
Youtube URL:
Uploader: RoSaShoes
Description: "The Little Black Hobble Skirt at RoSa Shoes" - here Sarah enjoys an Autumn (somewhat restricted) walk in her new 1950's style Calf-Length Hobble Skirt made-to-measure in Black Twill Suiting - she also has it in shiny Satin and soft Crepe. Perfectly accompanied by her Black Leather Stiletto Platform Peep-Toe Court Shoes (also by RoSa Shoes....)
Duration: 3 Minutes and 22 Seconds
Category: People
Rating: 4.7251906
Views: 117358


  • Author: timvolackbmxchannel
    Comment: new video! :D
    Comment: how beautiful
  • Author: AmmyWolfable
    Comment: I was wondering how one's gait would be affected in a hobble skirt.I think this explains the wiggling walks you see in old movies, tapered pencil skirts used be much longer
  • Author: barlow563
    Comment: I'd like to see you in the satin version.
  • Author: djg38
    Comment: What a rare thing you are. I hope you have a husband who treasures what he's got. It might sound silly judging you from the content of a bunch of videos and a blog, but I'm pretty sure you're something else and can only hope I meet someone like you some day.
  • Author: andrea22213
    Comment: Adorable, such style.
  • Author: stylettos
    Comment: Always in great shape and very sexy!
  • Author: RoSaShoes
    Comment: @davilillogrillo !!!
  • Author: Film & TV
    Comment: Nice as always, a pity the clip was shortened towards the end where you twice walk up some steps. But still nice, great skirt and "movements". Regards.
  • Author: RoSaShoes
    Comment: @djg38 That's so kind of you! Thank you, Sarah of RoSa
  • Author: the33rpm
    Comment: Amazing, just sooo elegant. Are there any plans to do a vid with your new rounded toe high heel range Sarah? I do hope so. Keep up the good work.
  • Author: FFstockinglover1
    Comment: Stunningly elegant, very classy what a super lady.
  • Author: kgs42
    Comment: Delicately elegant ....... very attractive.
  • Author: StiffInTheCrypt
    Comment: I wish I could be as poised and elegant as you are!
  • Author: Steve Labart
    Comment: Love your tight dress and your sexy high heels !! Plz make more vids with them !
  • Author: MrThekeisuke83
    Comment: @RoSaShoes You're welcome. I'm glad to see your black leather gloves,too.
  • Author: barlow563
    Comment: Wow! Really lovely.
  • Author: RoSaShoes
    Comment: @stylettos Thank you Marco, Always nice to hear from you :)
  • Author: Laarzen Lover
    Comment: Very sexy! Most of all those shoes!
  • Author: Drakov44
    Comment: @RoSaShoes Definatly a retarded question, take no notice. Of course you are a sophisticated sexy woman ;)
  • Author: Artful Dodger
    Comment: I remember when feminists cursed them, as preventing women from running/defending themselves from attackers.
  • Author: Cavyking666
    Comment: What a beautiful, sexy and demure lady you are. I hope your husband realises just how lucky he is to have such a stunning and elegant wife. Your vids are the best on you tube.
  • Author: Tritonmer
    Comment: Wow your suit is awesome.... i adore that hobble skirt
  • Author: chief1632
    Comment: Classical Lady, right down to the gloves...Bravo
  • Author: noddy holder
    Comment: guy with with camra had the perfect job that day just staring at that sexy little wiggle´╗┐
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