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Title: Lara Spencer Upskirt
Youtube URL:
Uploader: nceedawg1
Description: GMA Upskirt--Lara Spencer
Duration: 0 Minutes and 29 Seconds
Category: News
Rating: 2.8317757
Views: 761396


  • Author: jozarah012
    Comment: I looked at all the observations on here however I really think that's a solid movie clip. My older brother simply would like to become astounding with ladies. He gleaned a shit load from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations on attracting women through nightclubs in the emails coming from that site got got him his 1st sex in 4 years. I was irritated though due to the fact I heard them all. Unpleasant.
  • Author: santanu ghosh
    Comment: These videos are great. I stumbled upon this because my good friend evolved into a lady-magnet He started attracting women over night. I was amazed. He behaved like it was normal for a little bit. Then he explained it to me when he was drunk on Tequila. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to know about it... He's on a date right now with a sexy girl... Lucky bastard!
  • Author: Joseph McGookey
    Comment: Move along nothing to see here.
  • Author: Jack Meoff
    Comment: She's GOT no ASS! Kansas.
  • Author: walleyrt69
    Comment: TWEET TWEET ! Bird legs.
  • Author: Iffy
    Comment: Can't see anything.
  • Author: level242
    Comment: I am still waiting for something to happen
  • Author: inYourFace
    Comment: she gets me hard all the time
  • Author: virtuagirls
    Comment: Anyone smell fish?
  • Author: Raymond Salgado
    Comment: slow mo prevert
  • Author: wwap111able
    Comment: I would rock laura Spencer so good!
  • Author: WWE2THEMAX
    Comment: Its funny because she used to host "THE INSIDER" Lmao.
  • Author: Robert lawler
    Comment: what are we suposed to be watching for cant see anything
  • Author: MatMadik
    Comment: YAWN!
  • Author: Jim James
    Comment: Whether they're flashing them for the cameras or in some edge of town watering hole on a Friday night, bony legged gals' cooters may look the same, but they're probably not.
  • Author: Jack Meoff
    Comment: We went too "Joe's Crab Shack", not from smellivision!
  • Author: monopod1
    Comment: Who the h... is Laura Spencer ??
  • Author: David Phillips
    Comment: pink underwear = one hairy bush i think?
  • Author: Scahoni
    Comment: god.. im so sick..
  • Author: firstbaldwin
    Comment: NOTHING here to see !!!!
  • Author: gymer15
    Comment: not even a panty shot
  • Author: DjJokerr
    Comment: I can't see shit, is is wearing underwear or got one hairy bush?
  • Author: RamonesAGoGo
    Comment: BONER!!!´╗┐
  • Author: Jason Freeman
    Comment: she is why I watch GMA , one of the Sexiest women ever´╗┐
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