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Title: Free Microsoft Points Code Generator! Verified working! No account info download required!
Youtube URL:
Uploader: PointGenerator
Description: Verified Still Working. Watch the video.
Duration: 7 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Category: Education
Rating: 3.432283
Views: 1116405


  • Author: Jesse Inda
    Comment: I'm smarter than you
  • Author: Geann Fourie
    Comment: Ok we get it you just wasted 7:44 of your own time well done
  • Author: razorsnaketheboss
    Comment: I think its funny how im looking through these comments thinking he wasnt lying about people calling you all sorts of things because theyre little
  • Author: zzuber1999
    Comment: Actually I have a working generator
  • Author: Sergio sotelo
  • Author: Daniel Martinez Hernandez
  • Author: Thomas pritchard
  • Author: muhamad abubakr
    Comment: this fucking comment is for you with song you son of bitch bitch bitch asshole asshole gay gay gay bitch fucking dog poop you you you son of fucking bitch bitch bitch or that song by me with franklin on gta v asshole gay bitch dog fuck etc....
  • Author: Xbox live gamertag / devan2003
    Comment: Shut up you fucking idiot I bet I've had a college degree longer than you second of all you are a fucking pussy so you can shut your bitch ass up 
  • Author: Cristina Rodriguez
    Comment: U R A idiot 
  • Author: Stephen Vreyens
    Comment: But I still know that there is no way to get free money for anything.
  • Author: Garret Samson
    Comment: You do realize how low this video makes your intelligence look, right? I am not saying you are stupid, but by falsely advertising a youtube video, then following that up with a bunch of self-righteous comments, You have actually advertised your intelligence quite low, to say nothing of your maturity level. Which brings me to my second point. You do realize that having a college degree and having a high IQ are not necessarily parallel, right? Academia is notorious for mass-producing fools. Not that going to college is a waste of time, but that it is a waste of most people's. So tell me, self-proclaimed expert, what did you major in? Because vaguely referring to an academic scholarship without elaborating on just what it is you studied is no way to win arguments, especially not when it comes to specific areas such as this. I have come to the conclusion that you are either a troll, (a word I do not use lightly, or often,) or you made this video to inflate your ego. I would, however, agree that to look for free code generators is probably a waste of time, And you do have a high understanding of mathematics and business economics. All I am saying is, tone down the self righteousness, and back-up your claims.
  • Author: Logan Whelan
    Comment: you can only know so much 
  • Author: austin price
    Comment: just because you have a college degree your not better than anyone 
  • Author: thegamingkiddie83
    Comment: PointGenerator I agree with you non of these FAKE generators work good video I am going to like and subscribe. 
  • Author: Kenny Thawsh
    Comment: Haha this guy thinks he is smart cuz he has a college degree. He makes valid points as well. Hmm... Get off YouTube retard
  • Author: David Warren
    Comment: You sir are 100% incorrect. I don't need a GED, nor do I need any high school diploma. People with HSD or GED isn't any different from people without it, How do I know this is because I got a job and everyone I know that has a GED can't get a job. Lol, I love seeing people like you try making fun of people who didn't graduate or go to college because it's just a piece of paper that has a name of that person on it, which means shit when that person dies, or does something stupid and goes to jail, It all goes by what that person knows and can do, no need for a GED, or HSD when your working on cars making $1,500 a week.
  • Author: riley montgomery
    Comment: U are ok good 
  • Author: Falcon X
    Comment: True
  • Author: GravityZER00
    Comment: How about you go fuck your self dude don't call me dumb you are a dumb ass and you are a kid that got dropped on your head
  • Author: Robert Zane
    Comment: You'r Right My Computer Is Slow Because Fake Downloads!
  • Author: Mica Gouge
    Comment: lol every one in the comments just proved his point loosers XD
  • Author: OoooKillEmGaming
    Comment: go fuck yourself. i put yo MOM'S dick in my mouth. Weird? Nope! I love Mommy dick. JK bro. But you are sort've an asshole. Deez Nuts
  • Author: Warfarc
    Comment: go here and sign up to earn points towards xbox credit and xbox live! 
  • Author: dakota sutton
    Comment: lol
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