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Title: Free Microsoft Points Code Generator! Verified working! No account info download required!
Youtube URL:
Uploader: PointGenerator
Description: Verified Still Working. Watch the video.
Duration: 7 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Category: Education
Rating: 3.4332278
Views: 1110957


  • Author: imalsoTOMATO
    Comment: Generator's sorry.
  • Author: 360firedude
    Comment: Basiclly you wasted 8 minutes trying to show yourself off college kids are so stuck up. I really think you should get a life instead of posting garbage videos trying to "inform" us about your brain. -an 11 year old
  • Author: Malika Poindexter
    Comment: Uhhh either your trying to say stop or your just saying all of us are dumbassass either way you wasted your time of your life unless your eere gonna die so my point is that no one really would care and thinks that your just a shit but im not cause I dont give 1 crap
  • Author: Comrade G
    Comment: Hey everyone! Just found a great, working Microsoft Points generator. Working like a charm. Download it fast right here:
  • Author: Game Masters
    Comment: This guy is so stupied you can get free mircosoft points easy
  • Author: Jennifer Clinch
    Comment: Do any of you have one that has no servays or subscriptions
  • Author: The destroyer gaming
    Comment: Hello I finished collage I am a doctor and I saw this video and you are one hundred percent correct there is no REAL generator and I put in ADOU2-QLVIS-12AOV-I3N6P-P0923 AND GOT LUCKY 
  • Author: Harold Symons
    Comment: You don't need to be mean.
  • Author: Robert Zane
    Comment: You'r Right My Computer Is Slow Because Fake Downloads!
  • Author: juciy fruitsnacks
    Comment: Good job cuz he is right cuz look at your grammar and spelling
  • Author: theshitdemon09
  • Author: max oberle
    Comment: OK, you thing your smarter than everyone else. Well, FUCK YOU!
  • Author: Josh Hoffman
    Comment: Oh I guess we have an absolute fucking genius right here because he probably graduated from some shitty college. Look you are better than no one. You may hold more information in your brain about shit that probably no one gives two fucks about. So your not better than me or anyone else. But, the rest of the video doesn't make you sound like too much of a completely idiotic douche canoe. You know what your talking about but, just know you aren't better than anyone you over educated and still stupid fuck. And if you feel like you have a problem with me and my comments please to god respond. I'm praying for it bitch.
  • Author: Elijah Muhammad
    Comment: Haha this video is funny; because it's true haha
  • Author: shadethehedgehog01
    Comment: go fuck your self u fucking dipshit i dont give a fuck about that shit piece of paper you have hanging on your wall go hang out with your shitty friends in your shitty life the only reason your in college is because your parents have probably been selling drugs on the fucking streets >:<
  • Author: Nick Vrankin
    Comment: You can get free Microsoft points from using Bing -.-
  • Author: cloudstorm96
    Comment: Hmm were idiots i can tell you a word you don't know YOU ARE NARCISSISTIC hmm big word for me. The video was helpful but a other thing to you are not better than us and we are not better than you you have a piece a paper your college degree and i don't why cause i am not in college YET so for high school ( i planned this before this video ) i was actually going to study in college. Best part to i am going to have a job in a year so i will be 12 when i get that job. Did you get a job at 12 or did you start school at the age of 4. So please stop saying your better cause i looking at this video and i don't stutter or say uh that much 
  • Author: FatZebras7
    Comment: I'm not saying you don't one, but having a collage degree has nothing to do with this.
  • Author: ertmanpoo
    Comment: This is funny because it's true.
  • Author: javier Pompa
    Comment: Yes thank you for showing the FUCKING retards that think its that easy. 
  • Author: Geann Fourie
    Comment: Ok we get it you just wasted 7:44 of your own time well done
  • Author: Kenny Thawsh
    Comment: Haha this guy thinks he is smart cuz he has a college degree. He makes valid points as well. Hmm... Get off YouTube retard
  • Author: David Warren
    Comment: You sir are 100% incorrect. I don't need a GED, nor do I need any high school diploma. People with HSD or GED isn't any different from people without it, How do I know this is because I got a job and everyone I know that has a GED can't get a job. Lol, I love seeing people like you try making fun of people who didn't graduate or go to college because it's just a piece of paper that has a name of that person on it, which means shit when that person dies, or does something stupid and goes to jail, It all goes by what that person knows and can do, no need for a GED, or HSD when your working on cars making $1,500 a week.
  • Author: GravityZER00
    Comment: How about you go fuck your self dude don't call me dumb you are a dumb ass and you are a kid that got dropped on your head
  • Author: Warfarc
    Comment: go here and sign up to earn points towards xbox credit and xbox live! 
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