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Title: Free Microsoft Points Code Generator! Verified working! No account info download required!
Youtube URL:
Uploader: PointGenerator
Description: Verified Still Working. Watch the video.
Duration: 7 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Category: Education
Rating: 3.4482427
Views: 1097886


  • Author: Mizfan01
    Comment: I love you. 
  • Author: Pat Noonan
    Comment: This is some smart guy lol
  • Author: nick hemming
    Comment: Wow I've never heard anyone be so conceded just because they went to college. I came across this video and i have graduated high school and I'm in college. I don't know what stupid little college you went to that you think your better than everyone but I'm enrolled in Harvard for computer science so by your theory that makes me smarter than you. 
  • Author: Ruben Gillette
    Comment: you rock thanks ya the ones are the ones whom loop. thats awesome. you rock. right on thumbs up.
  • Author: coolconnor321
    Comment: Ooooh you have 1 college degree. I have 4 college degrees 3 of those are master degrees
  • Author: Domonique White
    Comment: Shut the fuck up
  • Author: derpy cheese
    Comment: my friend stole one and i told him to put them back but he took it and entered it and it worked so i think your wrong.
  • Author: TheyHDgamer
    Comment: Vv
  • Author: Noah Vasquez
    Comment: I have indeed heard that word, undecillion... learned it in my sophomore year of high school
  • Author: Joseph Medrano
    Comment: It's true
  • Author: Anson Wong
    Comment: You're an asshole, but I like you, and I just proved you right.
  • Author: Dean Anderton
    Comment: Not shaft reasons safety reasons sorry bad spelling some times when typing fast
  • Author: gregory coggins
    Comment: Thank u smith 
  • Author: justin mulligan
    Comment: fuck you 
  • Author: Faze OpTiX
    Comment: What is the code? 
  • Author: Minecraftrules1862
    Comment: Personally I just want to thank you for letting me know I was wasting my time hoping to find a generator that worked so again thanks.
  • Author: MoreAlive1010
    Comment: all of these bots please shut the fuck up its pathetic, good one bro
  • Author: michael voorhies
    Comment: screw you, i just successfully guessed a code for 4000 Microsoft points!
  • Author: Symph Chanel
    Comment: Haha i fucking love this guy
  • Author: The True Saint
    Comment: Its true its all a scam 
  • Author: Davidd Osuna
    Comment: go to rewards sing up with facebook earn points get free stuff invite friends get points
  • Author: kennedy glover
    Comment: Better than every one else you make me laugh
  • Author: Rab Skiward
    Comment: Hey guys, the video doesn't work anymore, so i was digging a lot trough the web the past couple of days and i found this site: ** where i got myself free and valid codes....only this method still works...
  • Author: Xbox Player
    Comment: Thank you +Rob Skuward 
  • Author: itsWolfybro
    Comment: I must say big thanks to the xbpointcodes team for giving me free and working 3month xbl code. You can try it too, just go to their site at: *www.* and took an available card, only this site gives valid codes... 
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