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Video Information

Title: Kirby Race Truck
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Blackhills82
Description: A 1950 Chevy truck with a 292 inline six cylinder.. Original chassis boxed and reinforced Heidts front end kit Ford 9 rear end with Moser aluminum center section Ladder bar/coil over shock rear suspension Jerico 4 speed with V-gate shifter Hays aluminum flywheel Hays clutch with sintered iron disc Engine 292 cid inline 6, bored 60 thsd over Kirby/Sissell aluminum 12 port head Hilborn mechanical fuel injection 12 to 1 compression Aluminum rods MSD ignition Crower solid lifter cam Running on race gas Dynod at 460+ hp at the flywheel All steel body weighs 2803 lbs (just over 3000 lbs with driver)
Duration: 3 Minutes and 19 Seconds
Category: Autos
Rating: 5.0
Views: 21918


  • Author: Hank C
    Comment: Nice!!,,what does it do in the 1/4 mile?
  • Author: freeflynstl1
    Comment: Really cool truck. You ever run at the HAMB Drags? Love it!!
  • Author: jack dad
    Comment: that is a mean buzzin half dozen!
  • Author: Mark Bellefeuille
    Comment: Where did you get that kirby sissel head, I NEED one of those for my truck!
  • Author: MassEffectFTW
    Comment: Straight Six.
  • Author: Carter Lucyshyn
    Comment: Hey, what year is that I-6?
  • Author: darthpwnage13
    Comment: no thats a 1/8th mile track
  • Author: juampa233
    Comment: 1/4 mile??????
  • Author: OzzInter
    Comment: I am from Australia where the hot General Motors-HOLDEN inline sixes rule! The early Holden engines (built 1948 to 1963) were scaled down versions of Buick sixes. the later Holden inline sixes (1963- mid 1980's) were heavily based on the Chev inline sixes. Simple design, easy to repair and easy to modify! Great to see people are still racing cars with these engines and that companies are still making aftermarket parts for them!
  • Author: Blackhills82
    Comment: Added the mod list to the video Description.. Cheers,
  • Author: chevy454fj40
    Comment: is this a straight 6 or v6
  • Author: Carl Hopkins
  • Author: truebassB
    Comment: Great video and it sounds good,i'm a V8 Fanboy but i really appreciate American Inline-6 Engines,at good hands they are eating V8s and in fact they can be even better.
  • Author: Blackhills82
    Comment: Its my dads truck..let me see if i can get a mod list to post up..
  • Author: Blackhills82
    Comment: It's a brand new truck from the ground up and trying to get it dialed in. The best time out in Ohio was an 11.72 @ 113 mph and it ran 11.79 @ 114 mph inPierre, SD.
  • Author: Marduke805
    Comment: How bad ass is that?
  • Author: Built Inline Six
    Comment: Now I want to try using a motor like that in a truck.
  • Author: Lawrence Shea
    Comment: Nice drivin' Kirby ! :D
  • Author: Fernando
    Comment: Que le hicieron que anda tan rapido? Bonita camioneta!!!
  • Author: citydriver
    Comment: how much are those heads??
  • Author: justforever96
    Comment: Hell yeah, straight six is the best motor ever invented, all thing considered.
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