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Title: Club Dance Studio Developes and Pitches- Weekly Trick!
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Alexa Moffett
Description: Weekly trick! Enjoy & keep requesting!!!
Duration: 3 Minutes and 55 Seconds
Category: Entertainment
Rating: 4.846743
Views: 72993


  • Author: yasmary jimenez
    Comment: Can you plzz do streching videos i really needed plzz answer back thanks :)
  • Author: MissAngelic1993
    Comment: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! it´s so much like rhythmic gymnastics only without the aparatus :-) did it myself and it´s really hard- these girls are amazing :-)
  • Author: Lisa Ward
    Comment: 1:33 ommmgg
  • Author: MsLaceeeey
    Comment: amazing! but please make sure all your videos are available for mobile! i like to add them to faves and re-watch them :)
  • Author: sk8REGUALAR
    Comment: Alexa Moffett your dancers are cool and by cool i mean so cool
  • Author: AMDAllStarsDancer
    Comment: Are these Company Dancers?
  • Author: amber crittenden
    Comment: on part 0:34 i thought that was jaycee!
  • Author: ohWnDy
    Comment: 2:41 is that the girl that won make your mark
  • Author: peanutbutter1344
    Comment: <3333 3:24
  • Author: Jace Kirkpatrick
    Comment: wow ALL of your students are incredibly talented!!!! i love your videos!
  • Author: Alexa Moffett
    Comment: Thanks! How do I do that???
  • Author: Amanda Wagner
    Comment: whos that little girl on 0:57 shes cute!
  • Author: misstinkerbell83
    Comment: Ilove that you have several lefties!
  • Author: Alexa Moffett
    Comment: My sister Addison and she is 14 :) Thank you
  • Author: LilRedRidingHood12
    Comment: who's the girl at 2:49 and how old is she ? she's amazing , i'm new to this channel :)
  • Author: misstinkerbell83
    Comment: You have such talented students!!! Amazing!! Does everyone take a stretch class to get that flexible or are they all naturally flexible?
  • Author: Sydney Shippy
    Comment: Can you please do leaps next week? Swith, regular, side, all!(: All ages?<3
  • Author: Annie LeDuc
    Comment: i was wondering what split you need in orded to do a develope
  • Author: Vicente Martinez
    Comment: cool
  • Author: lauren robb
    Comment: alexa can you please do a flexibilty thing with the juniors like how they get so flexibile
  • Author: Alexa Moffett
    Comment: Developes are when you bend your leg to extend. We call when we extend our legs up a develope too. Also correct pitches are when you tilt to the side.
  • Author: Anna Rogers
    Comment: I love that song!
  • Author: silvana bisonni
  • Author: Anna Olsen
    Comment: can you do stretches to get your needle
  • Author: nightingales
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