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Title: Randy Edelman - Leap year soundtrack (part 1)
Youtube URL:
Uploader: sumiregusa23
Description: Really adorable and warm music. I love this movie even if it is predictable. And Ireland is a paradise. 1. Anna's Theme, 2. Ballycarbery Castle, 3. Stirring the Pot, 4. An Early Sunrise.
Duration: 10 Minutes and 58 Seconds
Category: Music
Rating: 4.8933334
Views: 105181


  • Author: smartalec1991
    Comment: I just saw this movie and i absolutely loved it. Got a silly smile on my face at the end.
  • Author: Merrabeth Jackson
    Comment: my favorite scene is when they were on the hill, at the castle ruins, and they have to run down the hill, funny, and rivoting
  • Author: Bruton80100
    Comment: Heads I win, tails you lose:)
  • Author: skitzee2k
    Comment: You can really tell he did Kindergarten Cop too :)
  • Author: Laurence Klein
    Comment: @belle12071937 i couldnt agree more!
  • Author: mwahmwahkaye
    Comment: I really love this movie. And the musical scoring is so beautiful. It always gives me the feeling of being in love.
  • Author: Laurence Klein
    Comment: This movie is lovely,it warms the heart and stirs the soul. well done to the cinematographers in succesfully taking the viewers to Ireland to the calm serenity of the green isles,and craggy cliffs of dover.may there be many more to come such as this movie and accompanied soundtrack,the music is uplifting and makes you feel refreshed and awake!truly enjoyed the experience it had to offer,
  • Author: sumiregusa23
    Comment: @aim2175 Best scene for me too, thank you : )
  • Author: Hilly2826
    Comment: I love this soundtrack :-) thank you lots for uploading this.
  • Author: Bailey
    Comment: @smartalec1991 me too :] <==like that one
  • Author: 18Jobro
    Comment: i love this movie and the music is perfect and calming
  • Author: Laurence Klein
    Comment: @belle12071937 i couldnt agree more!the soundtrack is extremly uplifting aswell as the movie, i loved it better then titanic although i will need to think that one over,anyways enjoy the beautiful music that carries you to another place such as the green isles of Ireland...!
  • Author: altonium
    Comment: where can i download the whole album for free? i love this music
  • Author: sumiregusa23
    Comment: Well, thank you. But why people are behaving like they cannot read? I wrote it - It's the Leap year soundtrack. What information do you want more? The names of the tracks are in the description box. I do hope I misunderstood you *leaving in dismay*
  • Author: tehguyyoukno
    Comment: can anyone tell me where i can get the sheet music for this lovely music?
  • Author: Laurence Klein
    Comment: @belle12071937 i couldnt agree more!the soundtrack is extremly uplifting aswell as the movie itself, enjoy the beautiful music that carries you to another place such as the green isles of Ireland...!
  • Author: Oulayvanh Sayarath
    Comment: WOW I love the soundtrack. The song are lovely and movies as well.....!!! awesome
  • Author: BeelovesArt
    Comment: @18Jobro yes! i think that too! :)
  • Author: Spopovich
    Comment: title of the song pls?????
  • Author: belle1207
    Comment: Love the movie and the soundtrack is so wonderful. Hearing the complete songs was a surprise. Gorgeous melodies and orchestration. Treasures in the library. YouTube is a miracle in my humble opinion, it brings so much richness and pleasure. Thank you!
  • Author: BeelovesArt
    Comment: Great film and very beutiful music! It is sooo relaxing!
  • Author: aim2175
    Comment: In my opinion, the best part of the movie is when she wakes up sleeping on his lap. He looks like an angel sleeping and also when he wakes up with his hand on her shoulder and has a little smirk on his face!!! I, for some reason, cried a lot in this movie although it is a comedy. Also, in general, I HATE ROMANTIC movies but this was defenitely an acception!!! Loved this movie sooooooooooooo much. Thanks for the upload by the way!!!
  • Author: natmonster
    Comment: i want to go to ireland so bad..
  • Author: Jaden James
    Comment: God , what's the title of this soundtrack ? Beautiful !
  • Author: andreismall
    Comment: muzica este deosebita, o ascult cu mare placere, in special Ann,s Theme´╗┐
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