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Title: Raw Video: Daring Smash and Grab at Gun Store
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Associated Press
Description: An SUV barrelled through the front door of a gun store in Central Indiana. The masked suspects were only inside about 30 seconds when police arrived. They got away but managed to grab three shotguns on the way out. (Dec. 17)
Duration: 1 Minutes and 11 Seconds
Category: News
Rating: 4.586207
Views: 17521


  • Author: lifes40123
    Comment: were these guys white or black?
  • Author: hamburglerz77
    Comment: It is easier to sell guns then to sell a stolen SUV.
  • Author: itsMinuteMaid
    Comment: who says they needed money? gang members need weapons, if you want to rob a place, especially a big heist, you need guns. Or, perhaps they just regualr guys who want to kill some folks. I'm sure if they wanted money, they would of tried to look for a safe or bust open a register, or just strong arm a liquor store. They obviously want weapons, not just money
  • Author: diah4
    Comment: Did they remember the ammo?
  • Author: Lonewolf6565
    Comment: @12GaugeLosAngeles quit your bitching. how the hell do you excpect a gun store to stay in business without making a profit... and the gun stores arent racking up shit. they sell the stuff as cheap as they can knowing that there is likely to be a very long ass time before they get any more.
  • Author: Craig Brittain, Top YouTube Commenter
    Comment: No one walks around with stolen guns. These probably aren't even gang members, that's a generalization... this is Indiana we're talking about, I'm not aware of a major gang presence in Indiana, are you? Central Indiana is a suburban neighborhood with a predominantly white community, meaning that these probably were not gang members, since you're so apt to profile people. Furthermore, the weapons they stole were shotguns - I've never seen anyone get mugged with a 12-gauge, have you?
  • Author: Craig Brittain, Top YouTube Commenter
    Comment: Steal from the rich, give to the poor. Fight the war. Power to the People
  • Author: ExoticSpotting
    Comment: @LordAkaneon 'The constitution doesn't protect legal owners' Excuse me? What do you think the second amendment is for?
  • Author: rd1999
    Comment: dumb ass black saggers
  • Author: Craig Brittain, Top YouTube Commenter
    Comment: @ExoticSpotting The punk who shot up your friends vacant house was probably a registered, legal owner. Does that surprise you?
  • Author: hamburglerz77
    Comment: The SUV was most likely stolen.
  • Author: melindaforyou
    Comment: ANARCHY!
  • Author: purpkush309
    Comment: @Amelikan over in australia a illegal hand gun like a 9mm 45 22 glock wat eva go for 5000$ each on tha black market and like 2000$ for a shoty if u could get guns in australia fukin people would be rich thats wat people are doing
  • Author: Isambay
    Comment: haha... Spot on! At first, I almost thought the guy was the owner of the store, trying to give the bandits a chase.
  • Author: thelaughingman79
    Comment: @LordAkaneon those poor will probably be gang members.
  • Author: ExoticSpotting
    Comment: @LordAkaneon Shut up you dumb hippie. They stole from private citizens trying to make a living, how is that a positive thing?
  • Author: Silver Back
    Comment: I bet that SUV was probably worth more then 3 guns... dumb asses lol.
  • Author: fuddckbush
    Comment: @purpkush309 How do you know it costs that much?!?!?! Wow that's alot of money
  • Author: ExoticSpotting
    Comment: @LordAkaneon 'The punk who shot up your friends vacant house was probably a registered, legal owner' I know for a fact that he was not. He was a local gangbanger who was too stupid to double-check the address on a rivals house and busted out two windows in my friends living room.
  • Author: Craig Brittain, Top YouTube Commenter
    Comment: @ExoticSpotting Firearms which must be registered are not the property of private citizens but automatically owned by the de facto government as part of straw man provisions. The constitution doesn't protect legal owners nor incriminate illegal owners. The real problem is that these people feel that they have to steal the weapons, if they had decent jobs, not only would they not be trying to steal the guns but would probably have no desire to acquire them at all
  • Author: Craig Brittain, Top YouTube Commenter
    Comment: @ExoticSpotting If you live in the same neighborhood as gang members, that's your own fault... wanna swim with the sharks, better grow some teeth
  • Author: BinkieMcFartnuggets
    Comment: They would have held the place up with guns, but it seemed too redundant to be a good idea, so they went with the next best thing.
  • Author: Sheryll Ann Blount
    Comment: I may be wrong, but it appears that this crime is being committed by some black guys..... If they were locked up for not paying their child support, this would have never happened
  • Author: QueenBeeBeeMarie
    Comment: Time to catch some low life scum bags and bring them to justice.
  • Author: murfrules107
    Comment: Why would anyone want guns?
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