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Title: Russ Dizdar - The Rise of The Antichrist
Youtube URL:
Uploader: alen fehir
Description: Russ Dizdar's excellent website: (CONSPIRACY, CURRENT AFFAIRS, GLOBAL WATCH, SPIRITUAL WARFARE, PROPHECY, EVANGELISM, REVIVAL, PRAYER, EXPOSING SATANIC AGENDA). You can Listen him on almost daily basis Ragged Edge Live Radio http://preemptionbroadcast.podomatic.... and download free MP3's SESSION 1 INTRODUCTION TO ANTIcHRIST (0:00:00 - 0:46:02) SESSION 2. PROPHETIC REVELATION GOD'S SNAP SHOT (0:46:03 - 1:51:17) SESSION 3. THE REASONS TO KNOW ABOUT THE ANTIcHRIST (1:51:18 - 2:46:20) SESSION 4. ANTIcHRIST AND THE SIGN OF THE END OF HISTORY (2:46:21 - 3:42:07) SESSION 5. ANTIcHRIST AND THE MANY THAT COME BEFORE HIM (3:42:08 - 4:35:47) SESSION 6. ANTIcHRIST SATAN'S IDEA NOT GOD'S (4:35:48 - 5:37:50) SESSION 7. ANTIcHRIST THE MEANING OF 1 JOHN 2 (5:37:51 - 6:38:26) SESSION 8. ANTIcHRIST 2600 YEARS AGO BOOK OF DANIEL (6:38:27 - 7:48:23) SESSION 9. ANTIcHRIST THE STERN FACED KING (7:48:24 - 8:54:45) SESSION 10. ANTIcHRIST MOCKER OF GOD SLAMMING HEAVEN (8:54:46 - 9:54:13)
Duration: 594 Minutes and 33 Seconds
Category: Education
Rating: 4.370166
Views: 114010


  • Author: Makaveligirl
    Comment: The new age agenda is to make people believe that we are our own god and there is nothing after that, unfortunately many many celebs have fallen into this SICK & TWISTED theory given to them by FALLEN angels. People like katy perry singing songs about the fallen angels & the pope preaching to people that we can all be god & there is no sin. If anyone here is the anti-christ I would say its the POPE. Not just the pope but the vatican in general. I was watching a show revealing all the secrets of the vatican, first of all a religious institution that keeps secrets hidden away from the public should is highly suspicious & deemed not trust worthy. The catholic church was founded by pagan leaders & it was expelled but they came back & stronger, the vatican has never been the same since the illuminati infiltrated it. I dont trust people that keep secrets & pretend that they're white as snow. This would grab the attention of intelligent people that havent been affected by brainwashing. Unfortunately this generation is way too STUPID & too spoiled with their new age technology to see or care about the things that are affecting them. Among the stupid people I think americans are the WORSE because they have been brainwashed since BIRTH and continue to feed off propaganda & BRAINWASHING. All people care about now a days is celebrity gossip facebook & twitter & that will take them to their graves quicker than they think. I dont feel bad for them because if prophecy is fulfilled we will die, or at least most of us will & they will be the first ones to die & maybe they deserve it for letting themselves become so ignorant & corrupt by all the new age movements. 
  • Author: marcelo nalerio
  • Author: cometblazt
    Comment: Jews in Israel, rabbis pray for the coming of theie "messiah" satan,, and push over military political zionist leaders and other power figures to usher the coming of their satanic messiah. The jewish messiah, ushered by freemasons and american power elite is the antichrist. All these jewish propaganda pros r deceiving us hiding the knowledge that antichrist is a jew sitting in Jerusalem.
  • Author: LionfromtheLake LionfromtheLake
    Comment: Thank you for sharing this. This is the only way some people get the message. Most complain, while the ones that are open to the message receive it clearly. A personal thank you Russ D. from the Lion. 
  • Author: Celeste Gray
    Comment: My device is making you sound like Darth Vader 9 hours of that I am not sure
  • Author: Grace Eternal
  • Author: jerimiah Jobe
    Comment: Sometimes less is more brother. Thanks for the Video none the less...
  • Author: Ray ismyname
    Comment: Its strange that Dizdar gives the blank check to what people are calling "Israel", The wall humping, heathen chanting prayers to god only knows who, someone they call "shekinah", the female aspect of "god". Strange that he blends in what suits and tosses out what does not. The real church, as it is written, cannot be found by the enemy and they are SPIRITUAL ISRAEL. Not a bunch of Christ hating, wall humping fornicating war mongers. They don't know the father because they REJECT THE SON!! Israel Moment #42 - More Scripture Calling Israel a Spiritual Sodom
  • Author: YELLOW DANTE
  • Author: Disciple of God
    Comment: You will begin to see all things even in tv shows. I now watch for things everywhere. I just watched S.O.A. last episode in season 6 and noticed the 3 point lodge. It's in everything and our government is adopting celebrities and mentors that we follow so we then will follow them. Notice all the V letters around towns replacing the letter U. Slowly but surely if we all don't open our eyes and fight the fight as true Americans regardless of party or race. We are doomed. So do your duty and pray for strength,belief and sight. That may help others do as well. Listen to Alex Jones. Sorry but it doesn't take 9 hours to get the truth out. God Bless you all, my brothers and sisters.
  • Author: SmithsCrhronicles
    Comment: Christ actually means anointed = oil... antichrist is a person who is against the anointing of oil in sexual pleasure. to be precise with defining the term christ in its entirety
  • Author: Disciple of God
    Comment: The Devil is embedded into our lifestyle and he's very Symbolistic. Things you'll see are commonsense. 3 points gives you what shape.(triangle) see simple. Do yourselves a favor and do some research. Don't be a panzy and fear what is evil. God the Almighty has your back. You've been literally washed of everything by the blood of Jesus Christ. have faith brothers and sisters kowledge is power and Power is wisdom. So be wise and pray with all your heart. God Bless.....
  • Author: Maleek Brown
    Comment: Only if we didn't have technology in the world . That's what affecting us .
  • Author: Mario Covic
    Comment: Bad trip.
  • Author: Maleek Brown
    Comment: It's okay . God already got his plans . God don't need to think of a plan . He already know what to do .
  • Author: darryl jackson
  • Author: babette colby
  • Author: ruth rachel
    Comment: Russ Dizdar: He promotes false doctrine- check it yourself below in his quote Dizdar disses the KJV Bible! I clicked the link and as suspected, dizdar removed this page from his website- why? Why does dizdar run from this subject of God's word if he says he is a reborn Christian??? He is FALSE promoting a "counterfeit version of Jesus". Stand up for God's truth in his word Russ! Where are you to discuss God's word with believers in Jesus? (he removed this) Dizdar quote: "After listening to and reading much on the subject of the KJV only controversy I have concluded that much of this is an 'emotional attachment' to this dear old version of the Scriptures. The argument that the KJV is the best and only reliable translation of the Word of God ( that all others are corrupted) is both a factual lie and a slap in the face of the sovereignty of God. As if He cannot preserve His Word and give it to millions in their own language. When I first read Gail Riplingers book 'New age versions of the Bible' (over 10 years ago) I was alarmed that there was so much ignorance of facts and false statements that I declared to my friends that this book will be torn apart by real Biblical scholars. My friend and colleague Dr. Martin Boyd ( Hebrew translator) also read the book and said there were at least 30 errors in the first few chapters. Gail, a home economics teacher at Kent State University is not a Biblical scholar and is not versed in depths of translation/transmission work of the Word of God. My feeling was that this book would do much harm, divide Christians and instead of protecting the Word of God it would be a terrible back door attack on the Word. WRONG! I read Ripplinger's book, and she documents everything with facts back and forth! I think KJV only folks must realize a few basic things. I. The original KJV of 1611 is not the same as the KJV they are using today. The 1611 translation was based on the Stephanus copy of the Textus Receptus, the Latin Vulgate and other translations. The 1611 KJV also had the apocryphal books added to it. The KJV today is about the 16th revised version of the original KJV. 2. For 1600 years the Body of Christ lived, evangelized and grew without the KJV. 3, Most of the world, the overwhelming majority have never read or used the KJV. They have translations of the Word of God in their own language. If the only real version was the KJV then the vast majority of the world is in deep trouble. They don't read, use or even know of the old KJV. 4. Today the vast and overwhelming majority of Christians have not and do not use the KJV.Maybe that's why 99% of the modern-day church in America is so LUKEWARM? 5. The Chinese, Russians, Ugandans, Germans, Mexicans, Latins, Indians, Arabs and millions more have never and do not use the KJV. Or any versions base on the 16 th revised version KJV that some Americans still use. The KJV was only one of many great translations of the scriptures. 6. The old KJV is great but old. Dr. Ralph Earl a world renowned Biblical Greek scholar told me while at Malone college that the KJV of today has over 800 words that are not in our dictionary. It's a good translation but very old. We now have many more, better and fuller portions of the New Testament than was available when the Catholic monk put together the Textus Receptus.(used for the KJV) 7. God is so much bigger than any one translation ( even the 16th revised version of the KJV). God has sovereignly and providentially transmitted His Word so the whole world can have it. Millions have gotten saved, discipled and have grown spiritually before the 1611 KJV and since. As I have said the majority of the world today has not and will not use the good old KJV because there are so many great translations that are current and in their own language. You ARE aware of Rupert Murdoch's Zonderfan, which produces the NIV bible AND had a lesbian in their translation committee, right? ::) In the debate on the KJV only issue I do from my perspective see a real spiritual warfare issue. Satan hates the Word of God and will do all He can to steal it and get people to doubt it. I have come to the conclusion that those who are slamming the NASB, NIV, NKJV and others are not only in ignorance of the facts, they are being used to attack the Word of God they claim to love so deeply. If the foundation and structure of the KJV debate is based on flawed, biased and terrible mis information then the result is that it becomes a tool of the enemy. Satan is the father of lies. You forgot about the 64,000 words missing in the other non-KJV versions, as well as the ommission of Lucifer in the other versions as well. ::) A basic look into the facts of the KJV claims will show that there are very many mistakes, misquotes and false conclusions. Please read some of the books listed on this page for factual insight. Because I have used and still use many translations in my work and because I know the Greek, it's manuscripts and translation process, Which one? The same texts Wescott and Hort used? The same guys who were close friends with Charles Darwin? :o I see the hard core KJV material as an attack on: The Authority of the very Word of God The Soverginity of God in His ability to preserve and transmit His Word The infallible and inerrant nature of the Scriptures and on the Holy Spirit Himself who has Himself authored and uses His Word ( in many translations ) as a sword. There are great translations that came before the KJV and many great translations that have come after. Whether I am using the NKJV, ESV the NIV or the newer Holman Christian standard version I know that I have the infallible, inerrant, authoritative and supernatural Word of God. You mean the same NKJV which replaces HELL with HADES? And Hades does NOT mean Hell at all? I have lead hundreds of people to Christ as Savior and Lord over the years with the NIV. WRONG! We ONLY plant and water, but it's the LORD that giveth the increase! Why is it that all of these non-KJV types will make this "But we lead many, many to Christ" boasting statements like the Churchianity preachers? I have had the Holy Spirit lead, remind and speak to me using the NIV. I have loved the years I had with this great translation. The Lord Jesus brings to my heart His Word (NIV) in my prayer and worship time. He moves on me to share the Word (NIV) in evangelism and counseling ministry. I have even quoted the Word(NIV) in deliverance sessions to demons many times reminding them of the truth, and Authority of Christ!. They have reacted the same way ............even they know its the Word of God. It must be said boldly today that God is bigger than the KJV debate. He is using His Word the world over (mostly in other languages and in newer translations). I would urge anyone who is entangled with the KJV debate to be very careful. It is possible that you may be the cause of doubt and deceit. If you are passionate about the KJV ( which was once a 'new version' rejected by many) that's OK, but to attack most (all) other versions is attacking the author and distributor of this awesome Word of God.........the Holy Spirit Himself! ??? ??? You're kidding me, Russ, right? Satan was the author of those other versions, who's the father of lies, a murderer from the beginning, and an accuser of the brethren. I no longer debate KJV'ers over this issue, for me is was settled a long time ago, factually and decisively. I do encourage you to read the other books listed on this web page. Get the real facts and be very careful not to be used to cast doubt and do the devils work."
  • Author: Carlos Dyer
    Comment: you have things a little twisted
  • Author: Marc Swift
    Comment: I've listened to this guy for an hour and all I've heard is to fear the coming powerful would be antichrist and what I should be hearing is the devastation the 2 witnesses bring to the clowns would be kingdom and the last great move of the Holy Spirit.... this guy is deception.
  • Author: Sherie Waif
    Comment: Whatch out for that last step. I got 5 min in.
  • Author: Hunter Hunt
    Comment: How can you mtf speak so long ?!! 9 h ??? You got to be f..... me man.
  • Author: Brad Stiles
    Comment: Hear, and you will know it's true. The anti-christ IS the body of today's (self proclaimed) Christian churches, with the Catholics leading the way. They all worship at the altar of the IMF and the UN. It is coming. Be ready to resist, if you know who you are.
  • Author: bushman glen
    Comment: you are an electrical being in a physical body playing a game, how you play this game is in your religious texts and is also printed on the surface of the earth. The beings that God created are fire beings smoke beings light beings dark beings and then he created beings made of clay and put a soul into it an electrical being !! There is the father the mother the son and the daughter, all of These are the elements. Do not be frightened for you are playing a game and you are an immortal being... 
  • Author: The Black Knight
    Comment: 9 freaking hours; are you kidding me???
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