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Title: Russ Dizdar - The Rise of The Antichrist
Youtube URL:
Uploader: 888freehumanity
Description: Russ Dizdar's excellent website: (CONSPIRACY, CURRENT AFFAIRS, GLOBAL WATCH, SPIRITUAL WARFARE, PROPHECY, EVANGELISM, REVIVAL, PRAYER, EXPOSING SATANIC AGENDA). You can Listen him on almost daily basis Ragged Edge Live Radio http://preemptionbroadcast.podomatic.... and download free MP3's SESSION 1 INTRODUCTION TO ANTIcHRIST (0:00:00 - 0:46:02) SESSION 2. PROPHETIC REVELATION GOD'S SNAP SHOT (0:46:03 - 1:51:17) SESSION 3. THE REASONS TO KNOW ABOUT THE ANTIcHRIST (1:51:18 - 2:46:20) SESSION 4. ANTIcHRIST AND THE SIGN OF THE END OF HISTORY (2:46:21 - 3:42:07) SESSION 5. ANTIcHRIST AND THE MANY THAT COME BEFORE HIM (3:42:08 - 4:35:47) SESSION 6. ANTIcHRIST SATAN'S IDEA NOT GOD'S (4:35:48 - 5:37:50) SESSION 7. ANTIcHRIST THE MEANING OF 1 JOHN 2 (5:37:51 - 6:38:26) SESSION 8. ANTIcHRIST 2600 YEARS AGO BOOK OF DANIEL (6:38:27 - 7:48:23) SESSION 9. ANTIcHRIST THE STERN FACED KING (7:48:24 - 8:54:45) SESSION 10. ANTIcHRIST MOCKER OF GOD SLAMMING HEAVEN (8:54:46 - 9:54:13)
Duration: 594 Minutes and 33 Seconds
Category: Education
Rating: 4.3552237
Views: 107844


  • Author: jim52536
    Comment: I've seen the vision Stephen saw in Acts7....... Trust the Truth of Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything.
  • Author: Willie Metoyer
    Comment: no he had human flesh like us but it was not sinful Jesus is God
  • Author: 07braves
    Comment: you cant trace the popes back to Christ...i still havent read about 1 pope in the Bible..including Peter being called a lets forget that. you have no idea on the scriptures..and i am sorry for you!..i will give you an example on Christ humanity...WE as humans have sinful flesh correct?...yet when we are BORN again of the spirit..we (our new born the indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT power)..war against the other part of us..the sinful flesh....Christ was born as US...(BRETHEREN)
  • Author: 07braves
    Comment: may i ask you then...if Jesus had NOT the flesh of its fallen nature...then how could HE be tempted in ALL THINGS as we?...If He didnt have the fallen wouldnt have been said that HE came as HIS BRETHEREN..TEMPTED IN ALL THINGS AS WE..YET WITHOUT SIN!...Again friend..what you are saying is the JESUS didnt come in TRULY THE FLESH OF MAN..which is anti-christ!
  • Author: zachery7771
    Comment: You are very respectful. I'll definitely take the time to pray for you.
  • Author: CLA UDIU
    Comment: the pope is the anti Christ first of all anti Christ means to take the place of Christ it doesn't mean what it sounds like in English that's why Daniel said the anti Christ would dare to exalt himself as high as Christ that's why Paul said the anti Christ would sit in Gods own temple meaning the christian church and claim he is God in fact Daniel said he would begin after Rome's collapse and would last to the end of the world only one man fits Daniels timeline its the pope
  • Author: PuppetMaster
    Comment: Lucifer is the ego.... Occultism baby level.
  • Author: Ritchloui Ritch
    Comment: Yes. It's hard to find a more anti-Christ figure than Mohammed - a child molesting professional slaver who encouraged his misfit followers to become child molesting slavers like himself. The degree to which this psychotic 'religion' corrupts its adherents; NONE of them will condemn child molestation nor slavery. Instead they will evade, lie and counter-accuse. Oh and they think that despite their 1,000 year record of non-achievement they should tell everyone else what to do - and enslave us all.
  • Author: Taz Barker
    Comment: 07 braves I disagree. Jesus was of no earthly man. Jesus had God s y chromosome, if that makes any sense. Mary was a virgin and such a state freed her from aquiring demonic attachment through sexual acts. She was not perfect because she still carried original sin and that ingredient was needed for Jesus to descend into hell upon his death. God had to had to comprehend what it was like for us to be removed from His Love. He wondered why we scrwed up so much so badly. So he became man, trapped in
  • Author: CloverPickingHarp
    Comment: hahahahahahahah
  • Author: Lucifera Morningstar
    Comment: Thanks for the concern, but my soul does not need saving. I am perfect the way the Divine made me. You have Lucifer all wrong, friend. You can say all you want, but my mind is set. I am like a building that can't be shaken. Lucifer and I are ONE. I don't want you to waste your day on me. I don't want to do that to you. You have better things to do. But thanks for not being like the fire breathing "Christians".
  • Author: Lendle Dave Garcia
    Comment: :) blessings to the brethren. Psalms 34:7 to all.
  • Author: kotsios555
    Comment: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? 9 hours?
  • Author: musclethings1
  • Author: marcelo nalerio
  • Author: jerimiah Jobe
    Comment: Sometimes less is more brother. Thanks for the Video none the less...
  • Author: LionfromtheLake LionfromtheLake
    Comment: Thank you for sharing this. This is the only way some people get the message. Most complain, while the ones that are open to the message receive it clearly. A personal thank you Russ D. from the Lion. 
  • Author: MASTERUDY Castillo
    Comment: Wisdom is on Me all Religious freaks claiming to be on God's side are liars deceivers no Religion no fairy tales no Jesus crap bo Bible shit God is Real use common sense to get the True anyone against common. Sense is an imbecile!
  • Author: cometblazt
    Comment: Jews in Israel, rabbis pray for the coming of theie "messiah" satan,, and push over military political zionist leaders and other power figures to usher the coming of their satanic messiah. The jewish messiah, ushered by freemasons and american power elite is the antichrist. All these jewish propaganda pros r deceiving us hiding the knowledge that antichrist is a jew sitting in Jerusalem.
  • Author: David Kaas
    Comment: Did you know, that the words "Anti-Christ" mean any and all who oppose the teachings of Jesus. But the words 'Ante' Christ" as written by Nostradamus means, the one one who comes before the return of the Christ. Watch-out for what's coming soon!
  • Author: Allison Debbra Hodgson
    Comment: What about 2014-15?
  • Author: Celeste Gray
    Comment: My device is making you sound like Darth Vader 9 hours of that I am not sure
  • Author: SmithsCrhronicles
    Comment: Christ actually means anointed = oil... antichrist is a person who is against the anointing of oil in sexual pleasure. to be precise with defining the term christ in its entirety
  • Author: Maleek Brown
    Comment: Only if we didn't have technology in the world . That's what affecting us .
  • Author: Maleek Brown
    Comment: It's okay . God already got his plans . God don't need to think of a plan . He already know what to do .
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