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Title: EKOL ASI UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Machine Gun Review
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Replica Airguns
Description: - EKOL ASI UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Machine Gun Review. -EKOL ASI UZI -9mm P.A.K. Ammunition -15/25 Round Magazines -Semi/Full Auto SA -Front Firing -Purchased from This is a table top review of the EKOL ASi UZI front firing blank machine gun. I show off this well made blank gun and go over its features and show you around the blank gun. I Compare it to another UZI replica gun I have and explain the foundation of this blank gun and how it has an EKOL Jackal Dual at its core. The EKOL ASI is a well made front firing blank machine gun capable of firing in semi and full auto with the flip of a switch. Buy the EKOL ASI from the US Replica Airguns Store: Buy Blank Guns in the Canada Replica Airguns Store: Check out the written Article for this Blank gun on my website at:
Duration: 10 Minutes and 56 Seconds
Category: Sports
Rating: 4.47929
Views: 137034


  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: I don't think so, you need to check with your local laws.
  • Author: MrJayb262
    Comment: @switchingtomac I should be allowed they sell replica firearm's here??
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: @CONN3232 The ones I sell in Canada do not need a license.
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: @MrJayb262 You nee to buy one there but I don't think you are allowed - sorry!
  • Author: GTA5IsoMods
    Comment: Do you ship to the UK?
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: @weWILLskate They are made different dimensions on purpose for safety reasons.
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: In the description to this video.
  • Author: Tyler Huitema
    Comment: what is the difference between pak blanks and other types. can i put different blanks in it. and do different types of blanks make different sounds? can some one tell me.. plz
  • Author: Dilli D
    Comment: hey, I also sent you an email regarding a problem with the invoices you sent me, could you and your accountant please take a look and get back to me?
  • Author: lukenadtisha
    Comment: @switchingtomac do you think beretta 92f airsoft gun mags would work? it looks like the screwholes are in the same spot
  • Author: alfonsoorozco13
    Comment: is the 9mm loud and its it fully metal
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: @xXCREEKSTARXx Blank guns that come with Flare adaptors are legal in Canada. "Replica Only" guns are prohibited.
  • Author: tuftistump
    Comment: @switchingtomac hey i did this, stripped it no problem, but upon putting it back together, i cocked it back (compeltely put back together) and when its in semi mode it doesnt bite and release the hammer, unless i hold it upside down, but in automatic it will release the hammer as normal, im assuming its down to the lever which slides into the trigger and the top of the pistol grip, ive tried over and over but cant quite seem to get it to work properly, is there something i should know? cheers
  • Author: one12363ify
    Comment: Really?
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: @lukenadtisha You would have to find some grips for it, not sure wher to get them?
  • Author: GreenMan1986x
    Comment: Does the full-auto mode only shoot 8 rounds like the Jackal, or is it possible to unload a full 25-round mag with only one depression and holding of the trigger? Also, I've recently fired my Ekol Firat for the first time and experienced very little, not even noticiable recoil. How does the ASI compare?
  • Author: AirsoftUtah
    Comment: I have some hopefully constructive criticism. On the site to buy this you have one picture with the gas port on the top of the gun and not the front barrel tip. Also you are selling 9mmPA blanks in the pull down on the same purchase page that says it shoots P.A.K blanks, I don't know the difference. Does your gun expel gas out the front tip or the top? I bought one elsewhere wher they said it was front firing and the one I received expels out the top from a weird gas port. My trust level is low
  • Author: Replica Airguns
    Comment: @lukenadtisha Yes it does - everything is the same!
  • Author: bilal demir
    Comment: turkey ?
  • Author: Robert Gilliam
    Comment: I looked on website but every category goes to co2 or bbs??
  • Author: Umario King Rap Song
    Comment: very good gun :) where you bought it?
  • Author: neker rivera
    Comment: Do they sound loud?
  • Author: Robert Gilliam
    Comment: So they only shoot blanks no real bullets im lost
  • Author: mal lodwick
    Comment: i bought one of these but got raided by the police.and tried to charge me with importation of a firearm? so be careful took me 1 year and 2 months to get it back. so dont buy from america. i learnt my lesson the hard way
  • Author: shazlfc ronaldo
    Comment: Which country is the gun from??
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