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Title: Lady Kills Baby Kitten by Stepping on it's head with High Heals! (Video Linked)
Youtube URL:
Uploader: CyberAceX
Description: A Lady kills a kitten by stepping on its head. This is very sad and disturbing.
Duration: 2 Minutes and 12 Seconds
Category: Nonprofit
Rating: 2.3371758
Views: 154462


  • Author: Cody Ratzloff
    Comment: i hope she goes to prison and then gets whacked with high heels and then killed by shotgun and let HER ROT IN PRISON UNTIL SHE HAS WORMS COMING OUT OF HER FACE!!!!NO MERCY!!!>:) HAG!!
  • Author: cmshorselover13
    Comment: fuck u woman
  • Author: Bruce Lee
    Comment: The best punishment would be To stick a Pipe bomb between her legs
  • Author: MawieLove
    Comment: I wish I could just find all the people who do this and just torture them until they die a slow painful death.
  • Author: visceru92
    Comment: It's really fucking sick because they have a name for this sick shit, it's called crush porn, sick fucks get off on women killing small animals like this. THAT really goes to show you what kind of world we live in.
  • Author: robloxyman55
    Comment: @60mikester She's chinese too
  • Author: Christian Metatron
  • Author: piggypigpiggies
    Comment: Fuck You Woman!!!!!!!!!high heels are shoes not weapons Bitch Lady!!!!!!
  • Author: Madison Lewis
    Comment: this stupid lady
    Comment: send me a link to the video if it is possible
  • Author: Patrick Barker
    Comment: haha you cant do shit xD
  • Author: Natalie Toetz
    Comment: @Sunshinefilmings starclan?
  • Author: Camryn B
    Comment: The women like shoved her shoe into the kittens eyes and through its throat. If i ever see her i will personally hold her down an take my high heels and shove it throuh the back of her throat and through her eyes. Me saying this says a lot cause i am not an agressive person/
  • Author: Jewishpizza911
    Comment: it makes it worse when you guys come up with the most disturbing ways to kill this lady. How about insted of thinking of that try to do something about animal crulty and help. and or rescue a animal from a shelter.
  • Author: 2013YOG
    Comment: OF COURSE IM IN
  • Author: victoria4554
    Comment: What the fuck is wrong with people?
  • Author: MadHattery95
    Comment: So the news made a huge fuss of the woman who put a cat in a bin? But not about this? WTF
    Comment: lol Rebecca black friday is related to horrible painful death! LOL
  • Author: Treasures4Food
    Comment: @MissyFlesky123 We can't kill humans when they kill animals. We can arrest them for cruelty, but we can't discard of human life for this, can we? Certainly not. If so, we would have to eliminate most of the life of the planet.
  • Author: blazeit805ify
    Comment: Guess I'm goin huntin tonight. Mom I'm goin to be late for dinner
  • Author: Emily North
    Comment: im a girl and i just wanna say THIS LADYS A DISGRACE TO THE FEMALE GENDER i mean who stands on a kittten if the match the carprt colour and you step on there paw or tail ACCIDENTILY well that would be sort of ok but killing a kitten thats just wrong i want this lady to be hung drawn and quaterd (this means they hang her until she is almost dead then drawn is the cut your stomach open and quaterd is they pull out all your inards and let the birds peck at them while your still alive)
  • Author: Axekilla55
    Comment: i saw that too and it was like HORRIBLE ONCE I GOT TO HALF OF IT I COULNDT WHATCH IT ANYMORE
  • Author: georgia landells
    Comment: wtf why would u do that bitch
  • Author: Madison Lewis
    Comment: uhghh this lady has issues and needs to go to therapy oh wait she might kill the therapy man
  • Author: chasing starlight
    Comment: whatever happened to this woman legally? does anyone know?
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