Cli-Mate Opens up the Command Line

Cli-Mate is a software application developed especially to make the DOS, and other Command Line Interface programs more accessible and easy to use for experienced screen reader computer users.
Written by Darryl Sherwood, founder of Povidi for his own personal use, this application is currently being given away for free to anyone interested in accessing basic command line shells such as DOS, Cygwin, or remote character based computers running Linux or pretty much any command line tool.
The tool is not a terminal program and therefore is not designed for full screen based applications that run under character based terminals, just those simple applications where you type something and get a few lines of response. However no JAWS cursor mode, larger fonts, system colours, type and read in one action, bookmarking, history of commands and easy navigation of previous output, this application is being used on a daily basis for the following:

  • Accessing CMD.EXE for directory listings running batch scripts and other command line applications.
  • As a replacement for the Python IDLE shell.
  • Accessing Cygwin shell directly and via SSH.
  • SSH connection to external Linux machine and administrating a web server, email server and other application servers.
  • Playing text base adventures, Infocom based as well as MUD's
  • SQL Database querying and control.
If you are interested and are an experience computer user who wants to be able to simply and effectively access the command line then check out the Cli-Mate Documentation and then download the zip file.
Please as a sign of courtesy Let us know if you are using the product after your initial evaluation. If there is demand and usage from a small group of users then more time and effort will be placed into improving and supporting the product.

Povidi hopes you find this little application useful and that it makes you more productive.